10 Facts about McDonald’s You Probably Didn’t Know


Last Updated on 2017-08-04 , 10:37 am

Everyone has heard of McDonald’s.

Literally, everyone.

Every corner of Singapore has a McDonald’s outlet, from small neighbourhoods to big malls, and it would be hard to find someone who hasn’t eaten at the iconic fast-food place before.

However, do we actually know much about the company itself? Probably not much, and we probably don’t care unless it’s something huge like McDonald’s selling bottled curry sauce but here are 10 facts about it anyway.

1. There are A LOT of McDonald’s in America

You know how many hospitals are there in America? Around 10,000. How many McDonald’s outlets? 14,000+. Ok, that’s pretty normal given that one hospital can serve a lot of people, but come on, over 14,000 outlets is pretty insane, don’t you think?

2. Ronald McDonald House Charities

McDonald’s outlets have charity boxes where they encourage customers to drop in loose coins here and there and if you think it doesn’t add up to much, they actually managed to raise $450 million in 2013. That’s almost half a billion dollars in mostly ten and one cent coins. Imagine how many people must have gone to McDonald’s in order for them to raise their amount in terms of spare change!


3. Toy Distributor

As weird as this might sound, McDonald’s is actually known as the world’s largest distributor of toys. You might think it’s somewhere like Toys R Us, but McDonald’s is actually said to give out around 1.5 billion toys a year in their Happy Meals!

4. Employees

Due to the vast number of McDonald’s outlets in America and how much labour is necessary for it to operate, it has been said that at some point in their working lives, 1 out of 8 US workers has been employees at McDonald’s.

5. It has a University

In 1961, McDonald’s set up a University to train workers in restaurant management and operations and called it Hamburger University. Around 5,000 people attend the University every year.

6. The popular jingle

You know the pretty catchy jingle that goes like ‘I’m Lovin It’? Guess what, the voice in the original jingle was by Justin Timberlake.

7. McDonald’s once owned Chipotle

Chipotle is another big name food chain that many have heard of even if there isn’t one if their country, but I’m pretty sure most of us don’t know that in 2006, McDonald’s owned around 90% of Chipotle!

8. McDonald’s isn’t for everyone

There are actually some countries in the world that ban McDonald’s for reasons ranging from ‘it cheapens wherever it goes’ to ‘concerned with the health of its residents’. Well, better luck next time!

9. Get married in McDonald’s

McDonald’s in Hong Kong offers wedding packages for those who perhaps want a very unconventional wedding. For $1,200, you can get a nicely decorated outlet for a two-hour rental, and various other services that include an ‘apple pie display’.

10. Ronald McDonald

In an ironic twist of fate, the first man to have been known to portray Ronald McDonald in television ads was subsequently fired for being ‘too fat’.

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