10 Facts About Universal Studios S’pore You Probably Didn’t Know Of

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Every Singaporean knows about Universal Studios Singapore, one of the pride and joys of our country.

Unfortunately, not all of us might have had the chance to visit it, seeing as tickets are fairly expensive and we lead such hectic and packed lives with little time for outings.

Regardless, here are 10 quick and fun facts about our beloved USS that are sure to interest and maybe shock you!

It has won top awards

It was given the title of ‘Top amusement park in Asia’ by TripAdvisor for 4 years running, edging out other popular competitors in the region such as Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Disneyland and Legoland Malaysia.

Reasons for the high-ranking position included it being easily accessible, family-friendly and operating in English, which made it appealing to foreigners.

The roller coasters are more than impressive

The popular Human vs Cylon Battlestar Galactica roller coaster is popular not only amongst visitors, but also amongst world records! Standing at 42.5m high, it holds the record for the “tallest duelling roller coaster”, whereby two tracks of coasters engage in a thrilling “battle”

It has unique architecture

Image: rwsentosablog.com

You certainly cannot miss the impressive New York Public Library building in USS, and what makes it even more amazing is that the one in Singapore is the only one that is built in 3D. Those in other Universal Studios around the world are merely in 2D!

There are secret rooms you can book for functions

Image: rwsentosablog.com

It’s not really a secret that you can arrange for events at venues like their cafes and restaurants to celebrate your birthday parties, but did you know that you can actually book a secret room far away from the public eye? Inside the Far Far Away castle, there’s a venue called Princess Fiona’s Royal Parlour that you can book via their website!

Its grand opening was a star-studded event

Image: RWS Facebook

When it held its official grand opening on 28 May 2011, celebrities graced the event along with over 1,600 other guests. Some famous faces present include former American Idol Star Paula Abdul, actress Maggie Cheung, and actor Jet Li!

It is undoubtedly massive

Okay, you would definitely expect an amusement park to be huge, but sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly how big is big. USS is measured at 20 hectares in size, which, to put things in perspective, is equivalent to around 2,000 of our standard old 4-room 100sqm HDB flats. It’s kind of hard to believe that much space exists here in Singapore (thought they cheated a little lah; it’s not in mainland Singapore)!

Millions of people have crossed its gates

In January of 2017, less than 7 years after its opening, it welcomed its 25 millionth visitor. That’s almost 4.5 times the size of Singapore’s whole population!

It is popular even amongst international celebrities

Image: channelnewsasia.com

USS is not only a popular spot with locals, but many big names have flocked there for a day of fun. It has been visited by countless celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea, and even British band Bastille.

It has been the site of record-holding displays

In 2016, USS held a light bulb display consisting of a mind-blowing 824,961 individiual light bulbs for the Christmas season, bagging the Guinness World Record for “Largest Light bulb Display in an Indoor Venue”

Building the Universal Studios Globe itself took more than a month

To be specific, it took 40 days. Yes, we’re talking about the popular Globe that has been the background of countless Instagram photos. However, seeing as it is 7.3m in diameter and weighs 4,500kg, that’s hardly a surprise. Even more impressive is that it is the only Universal Studios Globe that has Singapore on the map!

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