10 Facts About the Bali Volcano That Leads to an Airport Closure

Bali is known for its picturesque beaches, rich culture and lip-smacking eats but as of now, its rep is being plagued by something sinister.

The Island of Gods is in great peril as a volcano might erupt soon.

You might have come across numerous articles on this impending doom floating around the internet but I have amassed all the important information you need to know, especially if you’re planning a short getaway to this gorgeous island.

1) Mount Agung

Its name is Mount Agung and it is furious. It has been causing distress among villagers living around the vicinity and travellers as it has been spewing out lavas and grey plumes of smoke since last week.

Image: EPA

2) It has been angry since September

According to Daily Mail, Mount Agung’s alert status was raised to its highest level as there was an increase in tremors from the mountain, doubling the exclusion zone around the volcano.

3) It had a mini eruption

Thousands of villager living around the grumpy volcano fled their homes on 22 Nov after it emitted smoke as high as 700m, Channel NewsAsia reported.

4) The volcano alert has been raised to the highest level

On Sunday night, a bright orange glow was seen at the summit, The Straits Times reported.

The BNPB (Indonesia’s disaster management agency) issued a level four warning alert (which is the highest) at 6 A.M., the following day.

They also mentioned that the nature of the eruption has changed as the volcano has been spewing lava.

5) This is one angry volcano

Dr Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, the spokesman for BNPB, mentioned that lava is filling up the crater and will spill over anytime and flow down the slope.

“Eruptions, tremors are continuing until now,” he added.

It all seems grim as Mt Agung is spewing thick blankets of smoke, ash and lave. Not to mention that it has been making eruption sounds which can be heard as far as 12km away.

That’s like hearing something from Clementi when you are in Hougang, just to give you an idea of the severity.

6) People were evacuated

Up to 100,000 villagers were told to evacuate the area surrounding the crater, betwixt 8 to 10km.

According to Daily Mail, about 40,000 people were evacuated.

7) The remaining villagers

The villagers were advised to evacuate but like I mentioned, only 40,000 people heeded the warning.

The remaining 60,000 or so stood their ground as they felt it was still safe and they didn’t want to abandon their livestock.

But in due time, they might be forcefully evacuated.

8) Airport closure

Bali’s international airport was closed on Monday, affecting 445 flights and 59,000 passengers, The Straits Times reported.

Image: AFP

They planned to reopen it on Tuesday morning but they extended the closure for another 24 hours and will only reopen tomorrow at 7 A.M, Channel NewsAsia reported.

9) Why were the airports closed?

Ashes from the volcano could actually damage the plane as it can block the plane’s windscreen and it can also get into the ventilation network, causing haze in the cabin.

Image: Agence France-presse, Reuters, Airbus, The Guardian, BBC, VAAC, USGS / Straits Times graphic

10) Mt Agung is a force to be reckoned with

It is not the first time Mt Agung stirred panic among people.

In fact, it stirred more than panic in 1963 as it claimed 1,600 lives with its massive eruption.

Let’s just hope that the gods of Bali would show some mercy.

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