10 Facts About Circles.Life’s New 20 GB Plan That You Should Know


Circles.Life just shook up the telco world in Singapore with their new plan. You might have heard about it from friends, you might have seen it online, or you might have followed their admittedly incredible advertising campaign.

In any case, their claim of only charging $20 for 20 GB of data is attention grabbing, at the very least. But what of the details? We went and found out more, so you don’t have to.

Here are 10 facts you must know about the massive data plan.

1. Addition to Base Plan

This $20 for 20 GB plan is actually an add-on to their base plan. This means you have to subscribe to their base plan, which costs $28 per month, then choose to activate the 20 GB subscription on top of that. This adds up to $48 per month in total.

2. Base Plan Details

Well, then what about the base plan? I’m glad you asked, since I’ve already gone ahead and done the research.

The base plan goes at $28 per month, and offers 6 GB of data, 100 mins of talktime, free caller ID, unlimited WhatsApp and pay-as-you-go SMS. You don’t get to send SMS for free, but at $0.05 per outgoing text.

This means your total data bundle after the add-on would be 26 GB for the price of $48 per month.

3. Mobile Network

With such a good deal, the connectivity and coverage are quite valid concerns, if you’re not familiar with Circles.Life at all. Don’t worry about that, because Circles.Life does not maintain any mobile network infrastructure, instead leasing from M1. This should mean you can expect similar connectivity in Singapore as other M1 users, just that you pay way less for more data, of course.

Connection speeds are also up to 4G levels, so you don’t have to worry about any intentional throttling.

4. Subscription Details

The process for subscription is actually very simple. Circles.Life has made their service easily accessible online, so you could simply register an account on their website, and click your way through to your new mobile plan. Even the 20 GB add-on is simply a click away.

5. Customisable Plan

Their base plan is entirely customisable as well, and their website has provided a bunch of simple scrollbars for you to decide how much talktime, how much SMS and how much bonus data you require. The subscription cost will, of course, change accordingly. Any additional data selected here is entirely separate from the 20 GB add-on, so be careful.


6. Cheapest Plan in SG

With the base plan and the 20 GB add-on, Circles.Life has just offered Singapore’s cheapest no-contract data plan ever. Singtel offers a 23 GB sim-only plan at $107 per month, Starhub offers a 12 GB no contract plan at $110 per month, and M1’s no contract plan for 15 GB costs $125 per month.

These are all nowhere close to Circles.Life’s incredibly attractive $48 plan for 26 GB.

7. Billing Details

Billing works slightly differently with Circles.Life. Your monthly subscription is first billed immediately when you subscribe, for the current month you just began your subscription in. Following months are billed at the start of each month (or the end of the previous month, if you choose to see it that way).

This means you can unsubscribe anytime you want, and still receive the full service for the rest of the month since you’ve already paid at the beginning of the month.

8. Roaming Details

Circles.Life offers a different way to roam as well. Other telcos charge roaming fees by a fixed amount, or by packages to specific countries. With Circles.Life, you pay as you use. This means you don’t have to pay $10 for 100 MB at once, you could just use 25 MB and pay for that.

The official Circles.Life app offers monitoring and reminders for your roaming usage as well, so you could travel with peace of mind.

9. Porting Details

Thinking of changing over to Circles.Life already? Don’t worry, this process is really simple as well. You can simply enter your current mobile number, and Circles.Life will process your changeover for you. You don’t even need to inform your previous telco, as Circles.Life will process that as well!

10. Bonus Monthly Data

Is 26 GB not enough for you? Do you really need that much? If you do, Circles.Life has got you covered. They have a lot of ways for you to earn some bonus, free monthly data to add on to your already huge data bundle. Once you subscribe, you’ll get a referral code, and each person that subscribes with your referral code will earn you an additional 200 MB of data per month, and $20 off checkout for your friend.

You’ll also get a bonus 2 GB per month when you port over from another telco, in addition to whatever new promotion Circles.Life will probably come up with in the future. Plenty of opportunities to get some free data!

If you require even more details or you have any more questions, just head on to Circles.Life’s website here.


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