Circles.Life Offers 20 GB Mobile Data for $20 & Disrupt the Market Like Siao


Remember Circles.Life? Being the only mobile virtual network operator in Singapore, they have only one plan to offer.

If you can’t remember Circle.Life, here’s an article we’ve written last year. We weren’t expecting this latest offering, though.

Described as a “one simple, awesome plan”, you get 4 GB data, 100 min talk time, unlimited WhatsApp and Caller-ID for just $28.

Now, you’ll get to have 20GB for just $20. That’s one sentence that’s going to send chills down the spine of other telecoms.

20GB for $20

Whoa, $20 only? Yeap, you’ve heard me. This is probably the largest no-contract data plan under S$50 on the market. 

New subscribers can opt for the 20GB Data Plus option on top of a Base Plan of S$28 per month for up to 6GB of mobile data, according to a press release from Circles.Life. This means that they will pay S$48 per month for up to 26GB. 

Yes, it’s technically $48 for 26 GB

If you’re a current Base Plan customer, reassured that they haven’t left you out as well. You’ll also be able to add on the new option. 

This makes Circle.Life’s plan so much cheaper than comparable offers from competitors. For example, a no-contract SIM-only plan from M1 costs S$125 per month for 15GB of data. Whereas Singtel’s no-contract plans include 30GB for S$160.50 per month, or 50GB for S$267.50 per month (however subscribers have to pay an additional fee for talk time and SMS/MMS). StarHub offers a 4G no-contract SIM-only plan at S$110 per month for 12GB of data. 

Circles.Life also confirmed expansion plans for this year, with Indonesia and Hong Kong as its next target markets. This really puts Circles.Life in a strong position, giving them an advantage over other competitors. 

What do you say, would you switch over to Circles.Life’s plan too?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Circle.Life)

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