10 Facts About GSS You Should Know, Because GSS 2020 Starts Today [Updated For 2020]


Last Updated on 2020-09-09 , 7:02 pm

Yes, you heard me right! The Great Singapore Sale is back again!

Despite the fact that a pesky little something called “Covid-19” is here, GSS isn’t letting it stop them by moving everything online.

So with that being said, here are 10 facts about GSS you got to know because GSS…

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1. GSS 2020 Is Starting Today

GSS 2020, which is called, eGSS: Shop. Win. Experience, this year, is starting today (9 Sep 2020) and will last until 10 Oct 2020.

That gives you about 32 days to shop to your heart’s content, all from the comfort of your own home.

Or till your money runs out. Whichever comes first, yeah?

2. GSS is an official event

GSS is not a sale period, but an official event in Singapore organised by the Singapore Retailers Association and supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and YourSingapore even since 1994.

It is co-organised by the stores and malls to promote the tourism industry in Singapore while benefiting Singaporeans at large.

Are you surprised now that GSS has been around for as long as you were born?

3. GSS is Usually 2 Months

Unlike this year’s and last year’s GSS, GSS in other years (except for the one in 1994) would usually last for two months instead.

Back then, in 1994, the month-long sale period in Singapore was so successful and attracted a record 664,000 visitors it was made into an annual event.

Makes you wonder if they’re trying to emulate the success, no?

4. It’s not just about shopping

If you ever thought GSS is simply buying clothes, shoes and accessories, you’re wrong. That’s like saying Coca-cola is just for drinking. You can clean your toilet bowl with that drink FFS.

It’s an all-around experience, from dining to attractions like Sentosa and everything in between.

This year, they have a host of events lined up for shoppers, including “online deals, virtual workshops, live-streaming activities and technology like virtual reality”.


Other than daily flash deals to keep you hyped (and glued to your phone), you can also enjoy “immersive AR and VR” experiences.

The Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) will be joining GSS for the first time to remind Singaporeans that Singapore has hidden gems too.

ASA says that their members “will offer a range of promotions, from family passes to offers with longer validity, as well as connect audiences with online content through the GoSpree platform”.

Basically, think USS admission pass, except instead of $72, it could be going for $36.

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This is totally the perfect time to indulge in the delectable offers and promotions, from dining to beauty and wellness, for a totally rewarding lifestyle experience!


5. Don’t Say Bojio: GoSpree

What makes GSS even better? When you get cheaper and better deals than other people.

Remember to download the GoSpree app where you can get your hands on some eCoupons that give you more savings when you shop, eat or play.

1-for-1 Treats! Take Additional 20% OFF sale items! Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! And More!

This year, because everything is going online, the GSS organisers say their GoSpree app will be a one-stop platform for all deals going on in Singapore.

Think of it like Shopee, except instead of finding products, you’re finding discounts.


6. No official GSS merchants

This could be the most beautiful chaos you’ll ever see. Any shops can use the word GSS in their promo because once you offer a special promo during this period, you’re a participant.

That’s right, no sign up needed.

By the way, we also have GSS: download our app for FREE! WOOHOO! Click here to download, while stock…last?

7. The organisers do not decide the prices or the discounts

You can think of this in two ways: bad because there’s no price ceiling or good because there’s no minimum price implemented.

For me, I’ll be leaning towards the latter because, hey, this is like asking for a price war. And you know what? In any price war, the customer always wins.


8. There’s an official website and Facebook page for GSS

Want more updated info on the event? Then check this out or their Facebook page where they’ll have the best deals in town for this period.

eGSS 2020 is officially here! Enjoy fantastic 9.9 offers and get up to 70% savings from your favourite fashion,…

Posted by gospree.sg on Wednesday, 9 September 2020

You’re welcome! ;D

Now…where’s my ibanking token…?

9. Influencers Pulled In To Help Sell Items

When Facebook came up with their live video function, one group of people benefitted the most from their technology: Facebook live auctioneers.

Basically, they stand in front of the camera and live-stream themselves showcasing products, and people who are interested in making purchases place their orders on the spot.

The eGSS will make full use of this technology and pull influencers in to help brands sell their products on live-stream.


These live-streaming sessions will take place on Wednesday nights for two hours with limited products to increase the excitement level.

Who knows, Wang Lei could be one of the influencers if we’re lucky enough.

10. GSS 2020 Was Supposed To Be Cancelled

Last but not least, we might not have been able to sit here and talk about GSS with you at all this year.

It was supposed to be cancelled due to Covid-19 but then, the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA) decided to bring it back because many people tell them it’s weird not to have a Great Singapore Sale every year.

So there you go, 10 facts about GSS, especially what’s going on this year.

Tell me, have you decided on the items you want to buy yet?