8 Facts About the Online Great S’pore Sale Which Includes Popular Influencers Selling Stuff on FB


The Great Singapore Sale isn’t just a sale, it’s a national event that happens every year since 1994.

If you’ve paid attention to our previous article on GSS back in 2019, you’ll know that other than offering cheap deals, it’s a way for Singapore to attract more tourists into the country.

But with overseas travel practically dead this year (Thanks, Covid-19), will GSS go on?

Apparently, yes; and just like a host of many other events, it’s going to move online.

Here are 8 facts about the Online Great Singapore Sale (or eGSS, as they’re calling it) which includes popular influencers selling things on Facebook you cannot miss.

1. When Is It Happening?

First thing first, let’s start with the basics: when is the eGSS starting?

This year, Singapore’s greatest shopping extravaganza will start on 9 Sep 2020 and run all the way until 10 Oct 2020.


I see what you did there, Singapore: 9/9 and 10/10? 

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2. It Was Actually Not Supposed To Happen This Year

Back in May 2020, the organisers of the annual GSS, the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA), had actually said there will be no GSS this year.

As for why they changed their mind, a spokesperson for the association said they changed their minds due to “popular demand from retailers”, many of whom felt that without the GSS this year, it made them feel like “something is missing”.

So if you’re someone who loves this annual event, you know who to thank liao.

Best way of thanking retailers, buy something from them. #JustSaying.

3. A Centralised Platform For Shoppers

Let’s face it, we’ve tried googling for GSS in previous years and usually, this is what we end up with:

Image: Google Search

Many many results, with either individual businesses doing their own digital marketing or trashy websites like Goody Feed coming out with a top ten list (what’s new, right?).

But this year, it’s going to be a little bit different.

SRA says that they’ll revamp their existing GoSpree app to one that can work on both mobile and desktop.

This platform, they say, will feature “retailers, F&B operators, hoteliers and attraction operators”.

In other words, an all-in-one platform which will feature a brand’s best-selling product and bring interested customers directly to the brand’s e-commerce website.

Whether that can be achieved or not will be seen in 5 days’ time when the platform (GoSpree.sg) goes live. After all, GoSpree has existed for GSS in previous years and well, we’re not convinced it’s the “all-in platform for GSS” it was toted to be.

4. What Can You Expect:

This year, the official name of the online GSS is called “eGSS: Shop. Win. Experience”.

Basically, it’s not just giving you flash deals and cheap prices.


They have a host of events lined up for shoppers, including “online deals, virtual workshops, live-streaming activities and technology like virtual reality”.

Reader Bao: Details, please.

Well, since you asked so politely, why not?

5. An Immersive Experience

First thing first, remember the excitement you have when you “just nice” happen to catch a 50% off an Apple Watch on an online shopping platform?

You can probably experience that with this year’s eGSS as they’ll be putting out limited daily deals for shoppers.

Also, they will be using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to give shoppers an “immersive” experience.


For example, the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) will run Furniture Centrum, a “digital and experiential furniture mini-mall”.

Shoppers will be able to “uncover” hidden promotions and make purchases while interacting with brands’ live-streams and games.

6. Influencers Pulled In To Help Sell Items

When Facebook came up with their live video function, one group of people benefitted the most from their technology: Facebook live auctioneers.

Basically, they stand in front of the camera and live-stream themselves showcasing products, and people who are interested in making purchases place their orders on the spot.


The eGSS will make full use of this technology and pull influencers in to help brands sell their products on live-stream.

These live-streaming sessions will take place on Wednesday nights for two hours with limited products to increase the excitement level.

Who knows, Wang Lei could be one of the influencers if we’re lucky enough.

7. Selling Experiences

Experiential doesn’t just mean the process of shopping online; it also means buying experiences at a discount.

The Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) will be joining GSS for the first time to remind Singaporeans that Singapore has hidden gems too.

And we agree, I mean, check out the video we did for Yishun. *Disclaimer: audio’s a bit iffy so don’t switch it on too loud.

ASA says that their members “will offer a range of promotions, from family passes to offers with longer validity, as well as connect audiences with online content through the GoSpree platform”.

Basically, think USS admission pass, except instead of $72, it could be going for $36.

Image: adventuresinlivingterminallyoptimistic

A spokesperson for ASA said:

“There are lifestyle, recreation, social activities which can occupy the weekends and even weekdays on your time-off.

“There is a good alternative to travelling and we have it in Singapore.”

Since we’re on the topic of getting experiences in Singapore at a steal, how about redeeming 20 free tokens which will give you free entry to Sentosa attractions?

Image: ndp2020.sentosa.com.sg

All Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for the tokens so make sure to check them out.

8. Making Retailers & Businesses Go Online

The entire landscape has changed after Covid-19.

Even when it’s Phase Two, many brick-and-mortar businesses (read: businesses that are completely offline) have trouble getting people to go back to their stores.

If you noticed, the GoSpree platform brings people to the brand’s online website, which means that brands must digitalize in order to get in with the eGSS happening this year.

Maybe that’s why they’re putting the start date off until Sep 2020 so that more businesses have time to set something up and leverage on the free marketing opportunities offered by the SRA.

The SFIC, for one, hopes that this eGSS will spur on more businesses to try and go online instead of sticking to the brick-and-mortar business model which isn’t exactly working well so far.

“In essence, the eGSS not only provides the much-needed reprieve for the furniture retail industry, but we also hope that it will pave the way for the entire ecosystem for furniture furnishings (to) embrace digital technology.”

Well, no matter the motive, there’s only one thing consumers really care about.

This year, the GSS is going to be centralised and really accessible to everyone with an internet connection.

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