9 Facts about Japan Home You Didn’t Know About


Last Updated on 2022-11-06 , 8:21 pm

Don’t we all love to shop at places such as Daiso and Japan Home?

They have the most useful products or the most random stuff that you can get at extremely affordable prices. If you haven’t known, their products go for like a fraction of the price of products sold in massive grocery shops.

Everyone is familiar with Daiso, but how much do you know about Japan Home? Here’re ten facts about this home-grown (yes, home-grown!) chain that has taken the entire Singapore by storm in the last few years.

Sell a wide range of household products

Japan Home doesn’t just sell household essentials: they sell a wide range of products, ranging from common household items to pretty and cute storage boxes, and food

Some of these items have unique designs and packaging that cannot be found elsewhere, and seriously, storage solutions at under $20. That sounds pretty attractive already. And these products are so lightweight that you can simply bring them home yourself.

Only in Singapore

Contrary to the beliefs of most Singaporeans, Japan Home is nowhere else to be found except Singapore. Japan Home is not by any means, started in Japan.


They don’t have any outlets in Japan, and their head office is at Bedok.

16 years of retail service

Japan Home has been around for 16 years of retail service, even though it seems like they just achieved popularity a few years ago. However, you can spot people of all ages shopping at Japan Home nowadays.

Regardless if it’s a middle-aged Aunty, a student in uniform or an office lady, Japan Home caters to all age groups. It’s simply too hard not to leave the shop without a purchase.

Over 60 outlets islandwide

They have over 60 outlets in Singapore, spanning across the different regions such as North, South, East, West and Central. 60, like WAH. It’s convenient no matter where you stay.


Do you know that Japan Home has a membership system as well? If you frequent this shop for your daily products and more, you should sign up for a membership. With a minimum of $20 spent at any outlet, you can fill in an application form to obtain a free lifetime membership! No loss, just gains!

You’ll get your membership 30 working days later, and points are calculated from the net amount spent. With every 1 dollar spend is 1 point earned, and 100 points accumulated will be $5 savings. There are also benefits such as $10 discount voucher in your birthday month, so why not?

Doesn’t that remind you of NTUC FairPrice?

Monthly promotional items

They have monthly promotional items, which are discounted from its original price.
Super saver.

Be sure to also check out their super saver deals, where food and drinks will be discounted at a cheaper price when you buy 2 or more. Oh, yes, they do sell food and drinks.

Occasional fairs in shopping malls

Apart from their retail stores, Japan Home also sets up occasional fairs even at malls without their store. You can check for updates regularly on their Facebook page.

Made in Japan

Though some products are unknown to us if they’re really made in Japan, they’re still pretty lasting.

This may be due to strict quality standards, even if that means that they’re not made in Japan.

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