Layered Bubble Tea Opening in Dec, Giving Gong Cha a Run for Its Money

Singapore is the land of bubble teas, from Homegrown brand LiHo to Taiwan sensation KECha and not forgetting the much-awaited comeback of Gong Cha.

Now there is going to be another bubble tea company joining the ranks.

Hailing all the way from Taiwan, Bobii Frutii will be making Clementi Mall its home.

Yay, it is just a 10 minutes bus ride from office.

FYI, the west of Singapore is starting to grow on me like a blight on a tomato farm.

Just kidding, sort of.

Bobii Frutii

According to 8 days, this bubble tea chain is very popular in Taiwan where customers have to queue up to two hours just to get their hands on it!

As of writing time, it has four outlets in Taiwan and China.

Just look at it.


It looks like a work of art.

What is so special about Bobii Frutii?

It is well-known for it layering as you can see the clear segregation of the different ingredients.

Their signature drink is Mermaid’s Tear—a beautiful concoction of mango, lemon, honey, milk and butterfly pea pearls.


It is known for its layering as you can tell from the images above.

With two or more complementing colours in a cup, this will definitely be perfect for your Instagram feed.

They also claim that they do not use any artificial flavourings and only use tea of the highest grade.

They also use fresh milk instead of creamer.

Another thing that makes this company stand out is that they have Nat Ho as the face of the brand.

Nat Ho

This boy next door needs no introduction, but did you know that he has ventured into the F&B industry?


Yes, he has left showbiz and decided to take over the F&B industry.

Okay, I am just pulling your leg. You still can catch his pretty face in Tanglin.

Apart from being the face of the company, he is also the creative director, 8 days reported.

He is responsible for coming up with marketing strategies and promoting the brand.


Heck, he even visited the brand’s tea supplier. Talk about commitment.


But it does look like it is a spread for Esquire magazine.


If Nat Ho is plucking all the tea leaves, I am sure there will be a massive crowd on opening day and who can resist those pretty drinks.

Gong Cha better be worried cause there is a new player in town.

Bobii Frutii is expected to open around Dec 21.


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