10 Facts About the One Michelin-Star Cup Noodle Coz That’s All You Can Afford

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There is a One Michelin-Star Cup Noodle?!

Well, yes, there is. Here’s our previous article on it, and it has gone so viral, even people from Australia are interested in it (hello, mate!).


If you have not heard about it, here’s a lowdown on what it is!

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

The noodles come from Nakiryu, a one Michelin-star restaurant in Tokyo
The restaurant Nakiryu obtained the one Michelin-star award in November 2016, becoming the second ramen shop in Tokyo to have the honour of a Michelin star.

This is released on 29 May 2017 from Nakiryu. The restaurant’s famous broth and distinctively textured noodles was highly sought after by locals and tourist alike in Japan after its award of the one Michelin-star.

It is part of the Nissin Food’s Signature Restaurant Series
This cup noodle was released previously without much fanfare by Nissin, but the award of the Michelin star changes everything for the humble cup noodles!

It is not hard to find the noodles at all
If you figured that something so good must be hard to find, it can’t be further from the truth! These cup noodles can be found in most supermarkets and conveniences stores.

It is only sold in Japan
Sorry folks, there is no way you are going to walk into your nearest 7-Eleven store or NTUC and expect these cup noodles to be in stock. They are only sold in Japan. Besides, if the noodles are sold in Singapore, they should be out of stock by now #nasilemakburger.

The cup noodles are not expensive
If you are in Japan, go out to your nearest Family Mart to hunt this noodle down for 200 yen (estimated SGD$2.60). Compared to a bowl of passable ramen in a restaurant here in Singapore, 200 yen seems to be really delightfully cheap!


The noodles are prepared the same way as normal cup noodles
Yep, you heard that right! Just add hot water, wait 4 minutes, stir in the special oil included and you are all set!

Nissin’s Nakiryu Dandan Cup Noodle is a magnificent copy of the original
Online reviews of this Cup Noodle sang its praise all over. One of them actually declared that he is “going to buy a case next time”. Even the writer from Rocketnews24.com who was sent to hunt this noodle down said that it is as captivating as the original.

Add the following ingredients to create the complete Nakiryu’s Dandan noodles experience
Rocketnews24.com recommended that adding rayu (chilli and garlic) sauce, vinegar and chopped cashew nuts will enhance the taste and flavours of the cup noodles to completely mirror the same taste and flavours of the original Nakiryu Dandan noodles that he had in the original restaurant.

You can (kind of) get it from Singapore via Airfrov, but the prices are (kind of) crazy, too
Lest you’re not aware, Airfrov is like a middleman that matches you with a person going overseas. That person will help you buy whatever you want. A check on Airfrov shows that the request for the cup noodles has ballooned in the last few days, and people are willing to pay about $5 (some up to $10) for a cup.

$10 for a cup noodle: that’s something you won’t see often.

A check on Shopee (a disclaimer: Shopee is Goody Feed’s client) shows a seller selling it at $5.50, but just as expected, it’s sold out.

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