10 Facts About Zero1: The New Telco That Promises Unlimited Data for $19.90/Month


Lest you’re unaware, a new virtual mobile telco recently stepped foot into the lucrative telecommunications market in Singapore, and suffice it to say that the hype is pretty real.

Called Zero1, it has already been making waves in the data market with absolutely outrageous rates.

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Without further ado, here are 10 facts about this rising star in the telco industry!

It’s the third virtual mobile telco in Singapore

Circles.Life was the first to set up camp in Singapore, and the first thing it did was to let subscribers make unlimited WhatsApp calls, as well as send unlimited videos  messages without touching their monthly data allowance (talk about spoil market).

Zero Mobile then followed in Dec 2017, with base mobile data plans that decrease with every active referred customer.

Thereafter, Zero1’s entry would mean that it’s the third virtual mobile telco to ply its trade in Singapore’s telecommunications market.

Note: Virtual telcos do not form their own physical mobile networks, but lease them wholesale from one of the existing telcos. Zero1 leases from Singtel.

Unbeatable rates

Seriously, $19.90 per month for unlimited mobile data

Image: zero1.sg/plan

And that’s including 200 minutes of local talk time and 200 SMS messages!

Absolutely incredible!

-ly spoil market.                      – Salty telecomms


Starting from (13 Feb), Zero1 will be pre-registering customers on its website for the value plan that will commence next month.

And you’re well-advised to do it fast, because…

First 3,000 registrations

However, the $19-a-month plan will only be applicable for the first 3,000 registrations. Subsequent registrations will have to fork out $29.99 monthly, a relatively higher figure that somehow still manages to cut one-third the current market price.

Speed cap

According to Zero1’s CEO Stuart Tan, the low price “requires it to manage the surfing speed of heavy users in a way that will not slow down that of other users on the network”.

As such, the download speed for high-definition videos will be capped after the initial 3GB of data usage.


But this limit, Mr Tan claims, will not compromise the speed of many other services like YoutubeFacebook and WhatsApp calls.

Well, guess the notion ‘even the best thing has its flaws’ is true, huh?

Free voice roaming

Zero1 plans to differentiate itself from other telco entities by offering free voice roaming via its Zero1 app, which is expected to launch in June. With the app, subscribers will be able to dial and receive calls from any Singapore mobile or landline number for free while roaming overseas.

If you’re wondering how it’s done, it’s actually via call-forwarding technology Mr Tan developed, patented and launched early last year. The technology, embedded in a device called Qongle, retailed for $199.

This gem helps travellers steer clear of expensive roaming fees, stretching from 35 cents to $6 a minute depending on the destination country, or bothersome workarounds to decrease roaming rates such as purchasing a SIM card in the destination country.


Value-added services

In June, the firm has plans to launch tiered data plans, as well as value-added services such as music and live concert streaming on virtual reality platforms.

JJ Lin in full-form VR goodness?

Image: tealeavesandbookpages.wordpress.com

Operating license

You might be surprised to know this, but the telco received its operating license from the Infocomm Media Development Authority only late last year!

Talk about moving fast.


Zero1 has amassed a few million dollars from private investors, including Zone Telecom, a telephony and networking services firm that hails from the Hong Kong-listed e-Kong Group conglomerate.

So yeah, this is probably not a scam.


Emphasis on the probably.


Zero1 has said that it hopes to sign up 50,000 subscribers in its first year of operation. Incidentally, that figure amounts to about 1 per cent of the post-paid market.

But what can I say? I have a feeling that it won’t just reach it, but surpass it. By a lot.

I mean, seriously? $19.90 a month for unlimited mobile data?!

Image: Youtube / ELVICHO 2.0

Makes me wonder what they were smoking when they released the plan…


But hey, we aren’t complaining!

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