New S’pore Telco Offers Unlimited Data at $19/Month With No Contract

Step aside, Circles.Life. There’s a new virtual mobile telco in town and its rates are arguably even more kick-ass than you.

Zero1, as the telco’s called, has made a shocking entry into the telco market with an absolutely unbeatable plan:

For just $19 a month, you will be entitled to unlimited mobile data (of which the first 3GB will be streamed at full network speed), 200 minutes of local talk time and 200 SMS messages!

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Starting today, Zero1 will be pre-registering customers on its website for the value plan that will commence next month.

However, the $19-a-month plan will only be applicable for the first 3,000 registrations. Subsequent registrations will have to fork out $29.99 monthly, a relatively higher figure that still cuts one-third the current market price.

Speed cap

According to Zero1’s CEO Stuart Tan, the low price “requires it to manage the surfing speed of heavy users in a way that will not slow down that of other users on the network”.

As such, the download speed for high-definition videos will be capped after the initial 3GB of data usage.

But this limit, Mr Tan claims, will not compromise the speed of many other services like Youtube, Facebook and WhatsApp calls.

Well, guess the notion ‘even the best thing has its flaws‘ is true, huh?

Value-added services

Zero1 plans to differentiate itself from other telco entities by offering free voice roaming via its Zero1 app, which is expected to launch in June. With the app, subscribers will be able to dial and receive calls from any Singapore mobile or landline number for free while roaming overseas.

In June, the virtual mobile telco will also unveil tiered data plans and value-added services such as music and live concert streaming on virtual reality platforms.

Zero1, which obtained its operating license from the Infocomm Media Development Authority late last year, has accumulated a few million dollars from private investors. Zone Telecom, a telephony and networking services firm that belongs to the Hong Kong-listed e-Kong Group conglomerate, is one of them.

Data plans & prices

Humans normally pick the most attractive individuals as their desired partners, and data plans are no different. So here are some brief comparison stats, courtesy of Straits Times, to highlight the sheer generosity of Zero1.

Singtel, for one, offers unlimited mobile data for a minimum of $108.80 a month, through an add-on called Data X Infinity to a basic plan.

StarHub, on the other hand, has no such plans, with only weekend unlimited mobile data plans coming to mind.

M1’s mySIM3 98 unlimited data plan costs $98 a month, but customers are required to sign a 12-month contract.

Do I need to say more?

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re constantly starved for data and looking for help, this plan might just be your saving grace!

But be fast; the $19 promotion, as I mentioned above, only applies to the first 3,000 pre-registrants (although $29.99 is still dirt cheap)!

So head on down asap, and secure your unlimited mobile data plan!

You can pre-register at this link.

It’s time to let your hair loose and spam all that data!

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