Man Arrested For Throwing Bike Off Another HDB Flat Yesterday. Here Are 5 Facts About the Incident

I‘ll be very honest with you: today’s a sad time to be a Singaporean.

After two arrests, both of people throwing ofo bikes into a canal and down an HDB building, it happened again.

And all these within the span of a month. Stupid or even more stupid? You decide.

Here’s what you got to know.

1. What exactly happened

On 22 June 2017, the police were alerted to the incident of an ofo bike thrown off a building at Upper Boon Keng Road at about 5.38 am.

Officers from the Bedok Police Division immediately launched an investigation into the incident, and they managed to arrest the suspect on the same day. #EfficiencyAtItsBest

2. Suspect threw his ofo bike out of his 15-storey flat

They determined that the ofo bike was thrown out of his flat on the 15th storey of the HDB building. 

3. Suspect was drunk during the incident

When investigating the motive of the crime, it was understood that the man was drunk at that point of time. Still, no excuse for committing such a crime.

4. The SPF takes a serious stance against such crimes which has the potential to kill or injure someone

The SPF emphasised that they take a serious stance against such crimes which has the potential to bring serious harm to innocent people who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Which is true. Imagine if someone was walking by, especially those who need to wake up early to get to work. 

5. Arrested on the charge of committing a rash act

He is arrested on charges of committing a rash act, and if convicted, faces a jail time of up to 6 months or a fine of up to $6,000, or both.

A group of teens and another teenager arrested for ofo bikes crime not too long ago

Just in case you forgot about the previous cases because #FamiLee, here’s a flashback.


Previously, a video of a teenager throwing an ofo bike off the building at Whampoa went viral, and several police reports were made, including ofo, the bike company themselves.

They arrested a teenager on the charge of committing a rash act.

A week later, a video of another group of teenagers (or to be specific, a shirtless man who thinks he’s cool af) throwing an ofo bike into a canal and riding it within an MRT station went viral.

The police arrested the group of teens on charges of committing a rash act and being a public nuisance.

I won’t be surprised if a fourth case turns up next week. Because #FirstWorldCountryThirdWorldPeople #ThrowFaceCan

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