10 Married Celebrity Couples in S’pore That Show Love Can be Found in Showbiz, Too

Fairy tales in TV don’t exist in real life, you might think. There are no perfect true love scenes.

Well, that’s right, there aren’t. But we might be a lot closer to it than you think. And these celebrity couples are here to show you that these lovely couples who appear in TV exist in real life.

Xiang Yun and Edmund Chen

Image: YouTube (parkwaypcc)

Married 3 months after dating, that seems like an extremely rash decision. However, Xiang was not disappointed. Letting her heart rule did work out, and their relationship developed even more after marriage. Isn’t that great? I think it is.

Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu

Image: straitstimes.com

Despite knowing each other as friends for 10 years, they only started become closer after the filming of C.L.I.F. 2. Dating from 2012 to 2014, they married at Sentosa in 2014. This sweet couple shows us that if love happens, it’ll happen. Be patient about it.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee

Image: herworldplus.com

As the poster couple for celebrity couple, this beautiful pair first met in 1995 in Brave New World. It was in Return of Condor Heroes 1998 that they acted as a couple, and ever since then, they have been paired together as a reel couple in some shows, with the latest being Doppelganger.

It probably wasn’t that surprising that their love moved from reel to real. Even after some many years of marriage, they aren’t afraid of publicly displaying their affection. Aren’t they cute?

Candyce Toh and Hong Junyang

Image: Twitter (@candycetoh)

Starting out as rivals in the Project SuperStar competition, they finally got married in 2009. Now separated by distance because of their careers, they WhatsApp daily, with Toh visiting Junyang in Taipei every 3 months.

Long-distance relationships fail? I think not. Rather, ‘absence makes the heart fonder’.

Kate Pang and Andie Chen

Image: 8days.sg

They started out with neutral-bad chemistry in Joys of Life, with Andie thinking that she was ugly, and with Kate feeling icky. Their relationship later blossomed, even having a 10-weeks pregnancy before marriage. See, love at first sight really doesn’t need to exist.

And now, this couple is one of the hottest celebrity couples in Singapore, with Andie being one of the Ah Ge in the industry after starring in several critical acclaimed dramas in the last two years.

Both of them have left Mediacorp and are now focusing on new media.

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Melody Chen and Randall Tan

Image: herworldplus.com

Meeting in 1996 in The Donny Lee Show, they had acted as a couple in The Teenage Textbook Movie in 1998. They only got together in 2007, when they discovered their feelings for each other after Tan was struck with an illness.

Before that, they regarded each other as siblings. Their main shared interest? Keeping fit together. Guess that’s also what make them so good-looking.

Priscelia Chan and Alan Tern

Image: tnp.sg

2002’s Springs of Life brought them together, and they were best friends for 6 years. When Tern finally confessed through an email (yeah, you read it right: EMAIL), Chan was worried about how their friendship might be affected. They eventually got married, and would have fun role-playing together at home.

Diana Ser and James Lye

Image: veryfatoldman.blogspot.sg

They met on Showbuzz in 1994, and married in 2004. On their first date, Ser didn’t even know it was a date. She figured that Lye had asked her out to sell her insurance, and kept waiting for the ex-VR Man to ask her about it.

Andrea De Cruz and Pierre Png

Image: tnp.sg

Love at first sight exists, as Png was smitten when he first saw De Cruz outside a hair salon after a new hairdo. Unfortunately, he was already attached, but they met again several years later at a play.

Since he was then single, he was able to ask her out. Is it fate, or coincidence? De Cruz fell ill, however, and Png donated part of his liver to help fix her liver failure. They now live together happily.

Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping

Image: todayonline.com

They started dating in 1990, and was married in 1993. Even after 24 years of marriage, they still look so happy together. Zheng would plan ‘coincidental’ meetings with Hong, waiting for her and then ‘bumping’ into her at a spot he knows she passes through. Hong, who did not originally have a good impression of Zheng, was eventually swayed. See, perseverance does pay off.

And just so you know, Zheng Geping is now 53 years old. He looks like he’s in his thirties because of all these muscles he has packed in he last few years.

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