10 Spots S’poreans Forget When It Comes To CNY Spring Cleaning

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It is the time of the year again, where the whole family gets dirty together.

Yes, I’m talking about spring cleaning.

I used to hate doing it as a child cos there’s only so much stuff that I own and I’ll be done in like…ten minutes.

Meanwhile, mom will still be scrubbing the pots and pans and dad had just started with his books.


But as I grew older, I learnt to appreciate the cause for this boring chore. It also made coming home more enjoyable, especially after a long day at work.

Even though many families do spring cleaning on an annual basis, do you know that there are spots that most would tend to miss?

Here are some examples:


If you have a large family and people are always sick, then you’re bound to have lots and lots of unfinished medicine lying around.

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These cough syrups and whatnot may be handy at times, but do you constantly keep track of their expiry dates?

Even “long-lasting” pills like Panadol have expiry dates as well.

If your doctor gave you medicine with no expiry date, then the best thing to do is to just throw the unfinished amount away, to be safe.

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For all you know, you might end up going back to the doctor’s, which is not the best thing to do during CNY right?

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You might be thinking that this is a very stupid idea but do you know how dirty your chair is?

Think about it: you sit on the chair for breakfast when you’re still in your PJs, when you come back from work you sit on the same chair again.

You’re basically bringing in all the germs from outside!

Also, if you have a non-waterproof chair/couch/sofa, do remember to clean the surface thoroughly as it’s quite hard to see the bits of food that has been left behind.

Image: Martinel Store

For waterproof ones, like those plastic chairs you see in the coffeeshop, you can just wipe using a wet cloth and you’re all set.

3.Wires & Cables

Do you have a bunch of wires plugged into your extension cable?

Image: State Farm

Did you notice that they are collecting dust?

Many people seem to forget about this spot because it is often the place where all the big appliances are connected to a power supply and it will be too mafan to disconnect everything.

Eh bro, spring cleaning only happens once a year, so just do it lah. It’s more pleasing to the eyes also.

I really hate it when I have to turn on the Desktop power but the switch is hidden in a bunch of dusty wires.

While you’re at it, do bother to sort out the wires, maybe label them or something, so you don’t have to always trace back to where it’s connected to.


This place has two extremes, it’s either very neat and tidy…

Image: Pinterest

or it’s a pig sty.

Image: Pinterest

If it’s the former, then perhaps you can try to gather those clothes that you do not wear anymore and donate them.

New year new kind deed!

Maybe even sell them on Carousell to earn a few bucks.

If yours belong to the latter extreme, then all the more you should really consider giving it a brand new look!

You’ll realise that you’ll spend lesser time looking for your work outfit in the morning, saving you the need to think of an excuse for being late.

Image: Odyssey


This is one of the most highly forgotten spots.

Yes, I know, cleaning the fridge takes a lot of time.

You have to open the doors and let all the CFCs escape and then cause global warming and…

Okay, stop.

Do you know that the fridge is one of the dirtiest places at home?

There’s a lot of germs and bacteria from all the different kinds of food you store.

So it’s actually to your benefit if you waste a bit of electricity and clean your fridge once and for all (at least for the year).

I’m not saying that global warming isn’t important (look at what happened during the first two weeks of Jan).

I’m saying you shouldn’t put everyone’s health at risk.

Also, if you’re like me and always opt for takeaways, do clear them regularly as well.

Not like you gonna eat them after they become long-time residents inside right?

Image: imgflip.com

6.Shoe cabinet

It’s always a tradition to buy new clothes during CNY and you may often end up with a new pair of shoes or two.

If you have many family members then your shoe rack may start to look overly-crowded.

This is because people tend to have this mentality that once they put it out there, they will remember to wear it.

Well, that is obviously not the case. Tried and Tested.

Here’s a tip: Assign a rack to everyone. Each can only fill up the individual rack and the rest has to be hidden/ thrown away/given away.

7.Cages & Tanks

Pets are a part of the house too!

They also need a clean environment to live comfortably in, even though they may not voice it out (you tell me how).

Image: pinterest.com

So yea, don’t forget about these animals that you said you’ll be responsible for!


This may sound weird to some people, but if you’re like my mom, who has over a thousand recipe books and hundreds of novels, I would highly recommend this as well.

Are there books that you don’t read anymore? Donate them to a library!

If your kids have all grown up, donate the children books to a nearby kindergarten.

But then I know there are people who collect books just for show.

Well, that’s fine too.

9.Under the sofa

If you have a toddler at home, then all the more you should really do this. Highly recommended.

The amount of toys you can find under the sofa is alarming.

And the good thing is, the kids will think that the toys are new and start being fascinated again.

Image: knowyourmeme.com

There, you’re settled for the next day or two.

Of course, even if you have no kids at home, you’ll be surprised when you find a coin or a bill that’s long forgotten.


10.Kitchen top

This is for all of you who does cooking regularly.

I know how hard it is to look after an oil spill while cooking at the same time.

After that, you’ll be doing the dishes, putting the dishes away, blahblah…

It’s really quite easy to miss out on the little patch of new colour on the kitchen top.

Over time, they accumulate and form a colourful palette without your knowing.

So why not take this time to clear out all the expired sauces and clean the kitchen top?

You’ll feel like you’re cooking in an atas kitchen afterwards.

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