10 Things to Look Out for During This Sunday’s Star Awards


We are now just two days away from the Star Awards 2022 show, a yearly ceremony held to recognise the works of outstanding artistes, hosts, and production crew that hustled to produce Channel 8 shows.

But here’s a quick refresher on what to look out for when you watch the ceremony happen live on Sunday (24 April).

Stellar Virtual Presenters 

Aside from witnessing our local star power shine during the awards, you will also get a glimpse of other global artists with the help of technology.

The Star Awards 2022 will feature world-renowned celebrities like Aaron Kwok, Jacky Wu, Carol Cheng, Moses Chan, and Mickey Huang to appear as life-sized, three-dimensional holograms.

These celebrities will announce the prize recipients in real-time on Sunday via a “holoportation” device called Proto.

Chen Hanwei’s First Solo Hosting Stint 

The veteran Mediacorp artist was revealed to be the sole host of this year’s Star Awards.

According to CNA, while the thought of doing it alone intimidated Chen at first, he agreed to take up the task after being persuaded for almost two hours by producers.

Reasons behind selecting Chen to be the sole anchor for this year’s award show was largely due to his good rapport with many other artistes in Mediacorp.

But what makes his hosting stint even more remarkable is that the veteran actor will be doing it without the use of cue cards.

Instead, Chen has made the choice to host the entire awards ceremony through pure memory work.

To top it off, Chen will also be designing his own outfit for the Star Awards and for fellow artistes Zheng Geping, Hong Hui Fang, and Dennis Chew.

Talk about being the Jack of all trades.

Fashion Redemption by Mediacorp Artiste Elvin Ng 

Since his pink dyed bandung suit went viral from last year’s Star Awards, Ng has made many wonder what will he wear to this year’s award show.

(Maybe a green suit with patterns inspired by ondeh-ondeh?)

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An interview with CNA Lifestyle reveals that Ng will definitely not be wearing something safe.

Ng has also expressed that he wants “to see change” and “to be different” in his fashion styling having stayed on the safe side for 15 years.


Public Comeback of Singaporean Singer, A-Do

The Star Awards will also feature the appearance of beloved singer, A-Do.

The 49-year-old had been on hiatus due to depression which he struggled with for ten years.

In 2021, the singer also announced that he is currently working on new music and plans to hold a concert at the end of the year.

Felicia Chin’s Possible Win For Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

For those who are unaware, Felicia Chin was last year’s crowd favourite to win the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste award.

Alas, the award was not meant to be as she failed to secure enough votes during last year’s Star Awards.


In an interview with TODAY Online, the actress expressed that she was touched by the outpouring of support from fans for her to win the award this year.

But hopefully with the unwavering support of her loved ones and avid fans, perhaps Chin may just secure the award during the Star Awards 2022.

Cythia Koh’s Outfit For Star Awards 2022

After making a remarkable impression with her daring outfit for the Asian Academy Creative Awards, the 48-year-old had also joked that she “won’t be wearing anything on stage” if she makes it for Top 10 Most Female Artistes for Star Awards 2022.

Much speculation has been made on what Koh will show up in next for this Sunday as she dropped hints on outfits she’d like to pull off if she were to be on the red carpet.

For one, Koh has expressed her desire to wear a suit during an episode of Mediacorp’s lifestyle series #JustSwipeLah.


Interactive Elements For Audience At Home 

If you are keen to go beyond your screen to find out more about these Mediacorp artistes, you can participate in a gigantic Zoom wall which invites fans to dial in and interact with attendees of the awards show.

Predictions For Star Awards 2022 Winners 

The net has started to buzz as industry insiders give their two cents on who will win their respective categories during Star Awards 2022.

For Best Actor, some were rooting for Jeremy Chan who starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ghost to take the award home as it was uncommon for a lead actor in comedy to be nominated.

For Best Actress, Chantelle Ng who starred in My Star Bride seems to be the crowd favourite as many lauded her stellar performance as a foreign bride in the show.

Current Status of Star Awards Top 10 Most Popular Male and Female Artistes 

The list of male artistes currently leading in votes for Top 10 Most Popular Male artistes are:


Ben Yeo, Brandon Wong, Chen Shucheng, Chen Tianwen, Desmond Tan, Guo Liang, Lee Teng, Marcus Chin, Pierre Png, Pornsak, Richard Low, Romeo Tan, Shaun Chen, Xu Bin, Zhang Yaodong.

Whilst the list of female artistes currently leading in votes for Top 10 Most Popular Female artistes are:

Lin Meijiao, Lina Ng, Michelle Chia, Priscelia Chan, Sheila Sim

If you don’t spot your favourite artiste here, fear not as voting for the award will be closed only on Sunday (24 April), 8pm.

So fastest fingers if you wish to make your favourite Mediacorp artiste’s day by voting through the meWatch page right here.

Broadcast Schedule For Star Awards 2022

Avid fans of the Star Awards won’t have to fear about missing out as the award ceremony will be broadcasted from a myriad of channels.

On 24 April, the Star Awards 2022 will be broadcasted on Channel 8, Channel U, meWatch, Mediacorp’s official YouTube page, Astro Channel 338, and AstroGo.

The repeat telecast of the awards will also occur on 1 May on Channel 8 from 2:00pm to 6:30pm.


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