17YO Allegedly Committed Suicide After Being Deserted by His Parents Twice


Most of us know what parental love feels and looks like, whether it’s in the form of cut fruits, our parents nagging at us to clean our room or unspoken “I love you”s through passing you the last chicken drumstick on the plate.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to know what that feels like.

Chinese Teenage Committed Suicide After Being Deserted Twice by Parents

In the wee hours of Monday, 24 January, a 17-year-old Chinese teen, Liu Xuezhou, posted a long suicide note on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

He detailed various painful experiences of his life, including bullying in school and sexual assault by a male teacher, which he had apparently not told anyone about.

After reading his post online, many Chinese netizens were alarmed and did what they could to try and ensure the boy’s safety.

Others commented on his Weibo with encouraging comments and asked him not to give up before justice was served to his biological parents, hoping that he would check his comments section.

There were also many who called the police, and the police launched a search as well.

Sadly, they were too late as his body was found on a beach in Hainan, a southern Chinese island province.

Liu’s Relationship With His Parents

In his Weibo post, he explained his search for his biological parents and their unwillingness to accept him into their lives. His biological parents were divorced by then, while his adoptive parents had unfortunately passed away due to an explosion when he was four.

Liu had begun to post online on platforms helping adoptive children to search for their birth families, gaining the attraction of Chinese netizens after his posts went viral.

The family was reunited in December last year, but the initial happiness and relief did not last for long.

Soon after, Liu got into conflict with his parents over property issues. Liu had asked his parents to buy a house for him, but they refused, saying that they could not afford it.

Liu also claimed that both of his biological parents disallowed him to visit them or live with them, telling him to buy or rent a house by himself instead. They then cut him off from their lives once again, leading to Liu writing about his experience as “being abandoned by his parents twice”.

In response to this, his mother, whose surname is Zhang, told mainland Chinese media agency Shangyou News, “Wouldn’t you stay away if he were your child and was being so defensive that he even recorded your conversations?”

According to Liu, Zhang had also reportedly blocked him on Chinese messaging app WeChat.

Liu had also mentioned that he did not spend any of the money that his biological father, Ding Shuangquan, had given him while he was on holiday.


The Cyberbullying

After the quarrels with his parents were made public, Liu was attacked by streams of vicious netizens who allegedly made multiple personal attacks against him. He mentioned how he was called horrible names like “scheming b****” and “sissy”, and even received comments telling him to die.

Liu talked about how he experienced the evil and coldness of mankind, but he was also grateful to have met people who were kind and helped him. However, he then said in the next line, “But to put all of this on me is too much; I’ve borne too much…”

With people posting personal attacks on various social media platforms such as Weibo and Douyin, the impact and emotional damage proved too much for Liu as he ended up taking his own life after that.

His Wishes

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of his letter was where he detailed the plans and hopes he had after his passing.

Image: Weibo (刘学州a)

He asked his uncles and aunts to take care of his adoptive grandparents and asked them to not mourn his passing. Instead, he asked for them to be happy for him as he was getting a new lease of life.


He also requested for half of his savings to go to his maternal grandparents, while he wanted the other half to be spent on clothes and food for an orphanage.

Before ending his post, he apologised to those he had let down before saying that he was beginning a new journey in his life.

Netizens’ Comments and the Aftermath

Upon reading his post, there was an outpour of comments from Chinese netizens, most of them expressing their condolences, sorrow and regret for not being able to save him.

Some also directed their fury at the netizens who had cyberbullied Liu previously, making comments such as “Those who cyberbullied him, is this what you guys want?”

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There was also an update regarding Liu’s adoptive family. According to South China Morning Post, a man surnamed Zhang, the head of the village committee of Beimeng, where Liu grew up, said that their community was aware of Liu’s death and would support his adoptive family if they needed help.

Like what many netizens said, we hope that Liu is truly in a better place now, and if there is anything such as a next life, that he will get to know what unconditional love from his parents feels like.


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Featured Image: Weibo (刘学州a)