18-YO Girl Risked Life to Save Neighbours in Hougang & Netizens Approve


I believe that everyone dreamed of becoming someone cool while they were young.

A princess, a teacher, a singer, a hero…

But how many of us actually became who we wanted to be?

Things changed for 18-year-old Ang Mei Qi last Friday night (26 Jan).

She was just like you and me, an ordinary citizen, when a fire broke out in her block in Hougang.

She could have escaped to safety with her mother, but she chose to alert the rest of her neighbours instead.

What happened

Ms Ang lives on the third floor of the block. She was at home with her mother, using her computer, when she heard a “boom”.

She rushed down to take a look and saw smoke coming out from the stairs, according to The Straits Times.

Image: Straits Times

The ITE College East student then ran home to inform her mother.

While running to safety, she decided to inform her other seven neighbours as well.

“We are very close to our neighbours, and we always help out one another.”


She knew that one of them, a 90-year-old grandmother, will have difficulties escaping.

So she quickly called the police, who arrived five minutes later.

A police officer carried the grandmother to safety on his back.

The fire broke out in a flat that belonged to a family with pet cats, in which only one survived. There were no reported injuries.

Several appliances were being charged at a multi-plug electric socket in the flat at the time.

However, investigations into what caused the fire are still ongoing.


Let’s ask ourselves this: how many of us will actually do the same?

Will you be willing to sacrifice your safety for others?

I’m not sure what Ms Ang dreamed of becoming, but she became a hero overnight nonetheless.

Image: Reaction GIFs

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