Authorities Will Step Up Checks During CNY Period in F&B Outlets & Chinatown Area


Maybe the tune of gong xi gong xi will cause COVID-19 to disappear, like how Spongebob Squarepants did?

Our safe distancing ambassadors aren’t taking any chances this time and will be stepping up checks during this festive period.

Ambassadors Deployed at Chinatown, Parks, and F&B Outlets

The festive season is a time for reunion with the whole extended family. However, with Omicron cases on the rise, here are some things you should take note of before trying to meet your 50 aunties and uncles.

The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) said that checks on food and beverage sectors will be increased, along with heightening enforcement around Chinatown and parks as well.

Additionally, ambassadors have been deployed in Chinatown Complex’s market and hawker centre, which sees large crowds every festive season. They will prevent entry to the market if it reaches its limit of 300 people.

MSE also said that all campsites and barbeque pits in National Park Board (NParks)-managed parks and gardens will still be closed.

Thinking of more park spaces where you can mingle in groups of more than five? I have some bad news for you.

NParks can and will temporarily limit access to areas like lawns, hard courts, shelters and car parks if they get too crowded and doesn’t comply with safe management measures.

So just limit group sizes to five and you’ll be okay. You probably don’t remember the names of most of your 50 aunties and uncles anyway.

Help The Elderly Buy Food and Essentials

With the rising number of Omicron infections, the elderly, especially the unvaccinated, should not be visiting crowded areas like markets.

Instead, family members or younger friends should help them buy food and essentials. This is to decrease the risk of infection for the elderly, who are at higher risks of developing severe illness.

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Results of SMM Enforcement This Month

MSE has also updated us on the enforcement of safe management measures this month, where 27 businesses have been ordered to close. They include food and beverage outlets, hotels, and malls.

One of the businesses caught is Candy K-Bar, a food and beverage outlet in Somerset. They were ordered to temporarily close for 20 days, as they allowed a social gathering of more than five.

They also sold and allowed consumption of alcohol after 10:30pm, and had a KTV system and dart games for patrons. All of these are illegal.

MSE also further elaborated that the customers tested positive for COVID-19 and spread the virus to at least 10 other co-workers who did not attend the gathering.

See, even if most people adhere to the restrictions, it only takes a few rebels to start a cluster. This is why everyone has to do their part to curb the spread of COVID-19.


Meanwhile, another 29 businesses and 341 people have been found breaching restrictions and were fined.

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