19YO M’sian YouTuber Bought RM1.6 Million House for His Family to Repay Them


Nowadays, many youths are concerned about how they are going to afford a home next time.

In Singapore, inflation has made purchasing property a cause of stress for many young adults.

However, this 19-year-old Malaysian YouTuber bought a house worth RM1.6 million.

That’s worth about $500,000 in Singapore dollars.

He purchased the house for the heartwarming reason of wanting to repay his family.

Second Thing on His Wishlist

YouTuber Bryson Lew recently became a topic of interest after he uploaded a video detailing his journey to buy a house for his family.

The house looks pretty swanky.

Mr Lew stated that buying a house has always been the second thing on his wishlist.

In reality, the first thing on his wishlist was to buy a car to drive his family of six around Malaysia.

Unfortunately, this dream was hindered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, purchasing a house seemed more feasible since it would be a haven for his family to return to.

Wanted to Thank His Family for Their Support

Buying a house was Mr Lew’s way of repaying his family for their endless support.

According to him, they’ve never failed to support him.

This includes letting him start a YouTube channel, which can cause scepticism among Asian families. 

Besides repaying his family, Mr Lew’s reason also came from a place of practicality.

As someone who often films his videos at home, the family’s old house could no longer properly accommodate his filming equipment.


Furthermore, his sisters’ rooms could no longer fit their things.

As he explained his practical mindset behind the purchase, he showed the audience the cluttered living room of his old home.

Image: Facebook (@Bryson Lew)

Mr Lew also reasoned that the new house is located in a corner lot, which would allow his parents to cultivate a garden.

Who is Bryson Lew?

Boasting a following of 1.14 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Mr Lew is most known for videos featuring his family.

He documents his daily experiences, ranging from comedic to intimate.


He joined YouTube in 2015 and his channel currently has over 190 million views. 

Netizen Response

His video has gained over 625,000 views since it was uploaded on 22 January 2023.

In an internet era where cancel culture and entitled influencers are rampant, Mr Lew’s actions are a wholesome change from the status quo.

Image: YouTube (@Bryson Lew)

Many netizens have praised Mr Lew for being grateful and giving back to his family, even though he is only 19 years old.

Image: YouTube (@Bryson Lew)

His gesture touched others deeply.

Image: YouTube (@Bryson Lew)

Some also congratulated him on his purchase and encouraged him to press on.

Image: YouTube (@Bryson Lew)

More Stressed than Joyful After Purchase

Buying a house is definitely a significant milestone.

However, Mr Lew admitted that he was more pressured than happy by the purchase.

After all, housing is not cheap.

In Singapore, private home prices rose by 8.4% in 2022, according to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

According to Channel News Asia, Young adults in Singapore also have difficulty securing homes, resulting in a reluctance to pursue marriage or have children.


Though Mr Lew resides in Malaysia, such monetary concerns are similar to his initial thoughts when he first made the purchase.

The teen felt immense stress from the looming loan of over 30 years. Hefty renovation costs were also a source of worry for him.

However, he has since chosen to view his purchase with optimism.

Though the impending financial woes are scary, he noted that his parents would turn 60 soon. In addition, his grandmother will be hitting 90 years old as well.

Thus, he decided that spending time with his loved ones was the most meaningful thing he could do now. 

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Featured Image: YouTube (@Bryson Lew)