2 More Water Pipes Burst in S’pore: 1 in Serangoon & 1 in CCK

Just when we thought the pipe burst debacle has died down, we were bombarded with two pipe bursts back to back.

I guess we can say Bukit Batok is no longer cursed as the pipe bursts happened in Choa Chu Kang and Serangoon.

Pipe burst at Choa Chu Kang

According to The Straits Times, on 29 Oct (Sunday), residents of Choa Chu Kang experienced a disruption in their water supply.

When I mean disruption…well, I am trying to be subtle about it.

Residents did receive water but it wasn’t the crystal clear water we are all used to seeing.

The water was BROWNISH.

Image: tenor.com

The affected blocks were 297C and 297D in Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2.

Can you imagine the residents’ reaction as some might have drunk the water without looking at it—okay let’s not go there.

The town council did some digging to find out the culprit, and it was a burst water pipe near the lift lobby of Block 297D.

But how can a pipe burst cause the water to turn brown?

Image: tenor.com

Shouldn’t the water supply be affected instead?

Well, a Chua Chu Kang Town Council spokesman told The Straits Times that it was due to natural sediments in the water tank.

He added, “ flushing of the water tank and pipes has since been conducted.”

As of yesterday, repairs were still ongoing.

Don’t worry, PUB said that the leak was not related to the incidents in Bukit Batok.

Will this put the residents at ease?

If it were me, I think I would just stick to Evian or Fiji.

PUB even uploaded a short video on how they keep sewers clean.


Let me take a quick water break…wait, nvm.

Pipe burst at Upper Serangoon Road

On the next day (30 Oct), a burst pipe was discovered during the wee hours of the night—2:00 a.m. to be specific—and PUB mentioned that service crew and contractors were sent there post-haste.

It was definitely a busy morning for PUB’s social media team as they were giving out announcements as early as 5:00 a.m.

Image: PUB Facebook

Oh, yeah, it created a massive traffic jam there.

By 8:45 a.m., they manged to isolate the leak.

Image: PUB Facebook

Can you imagine the people living nearby there?

There are so many landed estates in the vicinity.

Image: Google maps

For sure, this will dampen (no pun intended) their mood.

Image: tenor.com

A legit reason for their Monday Blues.

Buses and cars had to find alternative routes.

One of the residents in the area, Will Kalla told The Straits Times that he was waiting for 15 minutes with his three-year old daughter for her school bus which did not come.

In the end, they walked about 500m through the housing estate to get to Bartley Road where the bus was waiting.

Not to forget it’s O-level period now and there were two written papers happening that morning.

Imagine the student all being panicky; this incident confirm throw them off their A-game.

By 8:00 p.m., only a 10m stretch of one lane near the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Wolskel Road remained closed for repairs, The Straits Times reported.

Image: PUB Facebook

Can the pipes in Singapore take a chill pill please?

If my predictions are right (which is basically BS), the pipe burst curse is moving up north. Wait, is Yishun next…again? #sorrynotsorry

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Featured Image: The Straits Times