Everything About the Other Pipe Burst in Bukit Batok That Caused Yet Another Water Jet

It is October and you know what that means?

It’s Halloween and it is also the premiere of Netflix’s original series—Stranger Things (Oct 27)!

Image: youtube.com

I guess Singapore is giving us a prelude of (slightly) unexpected happenings for Halloween, or maybe Netflix’s marketing team is setting us up for the sci-fi thriller premiere.

Just last week Tuesday, Bukit Batok got a new fountain—kidding! There was a pipe burst and if you’ve no clue on what I am talking about, we did a 10 facts article on it.

Go read it here.

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Anyways, back to the story.

What happened

Yes, so there was a pipe burst in Bukit Batok.

No, it was another one, making it the second incident in a week!

But this time, it is not the west of Bukit Batok. It happened in Bukit Batok East.

According to Channel NewsAsia, residents saw a gush of water shooting up at a car park on Sunday morning.

Water pipe burst

VIDEO: Water was seen shooting at least 4 storeys high for about 2 hours at the Bukit Batok East carpark, according to some residents. cna.asia/2yz5VSs(Video: Shaneni Raja)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Saturday, 30 September 2017

Singapore’s water agency PUB gave an official statement on the situation.

Image: PUB facebook

If you can’t read it, this is what they said:

Notice: On 1 October, PUB received reports of a leak on a water main on turf area near Blocks 222 and 223 Bukit Batok East Ave 3.

The leak was also detected by our sensors. PUB immediately deployed our officers and repair contractors to the site.

The leak was isolated at 9 am.

Repair works are ongoing and are expected to be completed by today.

There is no road closure and traffic remains smooth. Water supply to customers is not affected. PUB is investigating the cause of the leak.

This is a separate incident and not related to the earlier pipe leak at Bukit Batok West, which has been repaired.

The Leak Started At About 12 AM

According to Today Newspaper, Member of Parliament for Bukit Batok Muarali Pillai mentioned that there had been a leak at about 12 am, which was isolated.

He also told Channel NewsAsia that the various government agencies, including, PUB, the Land Transport Authority and National Environment Agency have been working hand in hand with the area’s town council to mitigate the impact on residents.

Today newspaper believes that the minor leak happened on the same water pipe, about 40 metres from where the bigger burst occurred.

One of the residents, Mr Chia Hern Ming told Today newspaper that he saw water gushing out at about four storeys high at 7:40 am.

It didn’t cause any major traffic disruption as it did not happen in the maid road, but it did leave a mess.

How did it happen?

PUB believes that the pike burst isn’t related to the previous incident and investigations are still ongoing.

Maybe Demogorgans have moved to Bukit Batok and is wrecking havoc.

Image: weheartit.com

FYI: It was a Stranger Things reference.

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