5 ‘Confirm-Will-Work’ Ways to Avoid Giving Angbao When You’re a Married Couple

For those married couples out there, CNY would always be the period where you fret over your Ang Bao expenses. Want to know some ways to avoid giving Ang Bao without looking too giam siap? Try these few methods out!

1. Newlywed couples

According to tradition, newlywed couples are spared from the giving of Ang Baos in the first year of their marriage. One way to avoid giving Ang Bao is to keep acting as if it’s just your first year of marriage. “Oh no la, not we don’t want to give, is because we just got married!” Pull the same trick each year to different groups of people and you’ll probably be able to save up a huge fraction of your supposed wedding dinner.

2. Honeymoon

Take this chance to go on a honeymoon! What’s the best way to avoid giving Ang Bao than to literally run away from it? Given that there are usually cheaper tour packages given during CNY, it’s the best chance to book one. Fly away with your wife/husband and enjoy a honeymoon instead. The money will be put to better use than to give your noisy nieces and nephews!

3. “Aiya! I forgot to bring!”

“Aiya, I forgot to bring my Ang Bao ah! Give you next time ok?” Try this trick on young kids that will just simply nod their heads and run on to the next relative in line. They will most likely forget about it too, and it will never be mentioned again. Whew, you’re safe.

4. Sick leave

If you’re one who gets sick easily, this would be the perfect trick for you. Throw in some excuses, like a combination of fever, flu and stomachache. Make it so bad that no one will bother you. Because now you’ll have to rest at home and recuperate. And make sure it sounds contagious so it’ll totally ward off any visitors to your house!

5. Disappear 

If you’re desperate, this can be the last resort to take. Simply pretend you’re not at home, even when they knock furiously at your door or repeatedly ring the door bell. Don’t switch on any lights, remember to lock your front door, and you should be safe. No one will know where you are, or where you have been. Brilliant!

All jokes aside, although the giving of ang baos is taxing, it is ultimately still a symbol of giving your blessings to your relatives. Christmas is not the only season of giving after all!

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