5 Reasons Why We’ll Miss Llao Llao

Today (7 December) is a sad day.

And no, it’s not because Trump’s still in presidency.

Rather, it’s because Llao Llao will be departing from our shores today (7 December).

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In tribute to the popular frozen yogurt franchise, we have come up with 5 reasons why we’ll all miss Llao Llao once its gone.

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1. All about that soft serve yogurt

While it’s true that Llaollao will be replaced by another European soft-serve franchise, there’s no denying it:

There’s nothing like Llaollao.

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After all, there’s a reason why people go crazy for it.

Just look at all that yummy yogurt, chocolatey sauce and oh-so-tasty treats lined at the side.

Image: Eating Until Die

We’ll miss you so much, Llaollao… *sniff*

2. All about that attractiveness

This is for all the single, desperate guys out there.

Llaollao was more often than not, a place where we hot-blooded males could feast our eyes.

And no, I’m not just talking about the yogurt.

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With the yogurt chain’s track record for hiring pretty attractive female employees, it soon became a marketing gimmick of sorts, irregardless of whether it’s on purpose or not.

And of course; nobody complained.

But seeing how Llaollao is closing down, I guess that’s one less trustworthy site to find some pretty ravishing aesthetics.

Although we have our fingers crossed that their successors, Yole, will employ the same marketing tactic.

After all, it’s a #triedandtested method.

3. All about the memories

Picture this: Pokemon’s entering it’s final seasonAsh has finally won a league; he got laid (no, not with Pikachu); he finally discovered his father’s true identity: Meowth. With every mystery and plot line tied and secured, the show’s finally ending, and it will be off the air permanently.

How would you feel in that scenario? Nostalgic? Saddened? Or perhaps even exhilarated?

For the sake of my point, I’ll just assume that you’re going for the first two.

Now, take Pokemon out of the equation and insert Llaollao’s departure.

You get the exact same feeling.

All those times you grabbed a cup of yogurt with your friends after school…

All those times you tried making eye contact with the cashier, but failed miserably…

Heck, even all those times your mum nagged at you for eating Llaollao… again.

Every moment represents a piece of your past.

And as such we’ll surely miss Llaollao when it’s gone.

Because memories.

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4. All about the dates

Let’s be honest here; there are only so many convenient places you can bring your girlfriend/boyfriend to for dessert after school/work.

McDonald’s probably been done to death.

Ice Lab’s probably the number two most used word in your dessert vocabulary, right behind whipped cream.

You’ve probably visited Llaollao every time your girlfriend feels a bit heaty and wants to let “a bit of stress” out.

But now that Llaollao’s gone…

You have one less option for a memorable date.

Of course, there’s the upcoming Yole, which might or might not perform an even better job than Llaollao.

But like what I mentioned in the second point…

There’s nothing like Llaollao.

Stressed = Dessert

There’s nothing like some good ol’ Froyo on a cold, lonely Friday night to work off some stress, aside from whacking your sirloin steak with a meat tenderizer.

But now that Llaollao’s gone forever (unless it pulls off a Gong Cha), you’ll be unable to have your fave chocolate with nuts topping anymore.

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Anyways, it’s best to pay your last respects to the Froyo brand before it’s out of your life forever.

Just a tip from a fellow Llaollao fan…

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