5 Ways to Use Less Data in WhatsApp ‘Coz Not Everyone Has Unlimited Data

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Let’s face the fact – no matter how much you try, you cannot live without WhatsApp. Even when you’ve got close to 10 active chat groups to be in – from work, to friends, siblings, parents and home, its essential for your daily communication needs.

Although it’s kinda annoying when you get tons of videos and Good Morning (AND Good Night!) images and GIFs.

How do you ensure that you’re not letting WhatsApp kick your data’s ass? Nobody wants to pay extra when you can cut your data usage down for unnecessary things right?

This is what you must now. It’ll save your data plan and your dollars.

Drop Your Voice Call Quality

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I know, you’re like why the hell would I wanna do that? I don’t want to shout when I speak on the phone leh.

But go into your “Setting” tab, and select “Low Data Usage” under your call settings. It will drop the quality a teensy bit, and save you a couple of bytes in the process.

Stop Auto-Downloads

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You’re probably draining your data with the auto-download feature, which allows all documents, photos and videos to show when it comes in. Change the “Data Usage” options on your “Settings” tab, and change the “When Using Mobile Data” option.

The Gift of WiFi

While WhatsApp does default for your phone to back up your chat logs when you have access to WiFi only, you might want to take a second look at your “Settings” for just that.

Head over to “Chats” and then “Chat Backup”. Click on “WiFi only” for “Back Up Overs”.

DIY Data Management

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Did you know that you can check how many messages you’ve got in or sent out, as well as the number of bytes taken out of the app? If you want to monitor this yourself, just clear your statistics every week or even month to know where you’re at in your WhatsApp data usage.

If you’re a Huawei user, use the “Traffic Use Ranking” function. Using Xiaomi? Go under “Data Usage” on your “Security” tool.

Go For A WhatsApp Data Plan

You can actually get a data plan specifically for WhatsApp (yeah, sounds like net neutrality is being removed but it isn’t) . I also didn’t know that! A good deal to check out is with Singtel. The company offers a full data plan from 1 day at S$0.50, a week’s worth at S$3, to a full 30-day subscription at S$6 dollars. It gives you a fair usage of up to 1GB each day, which is a really great deal.

Terms and conditions, as always, apply. Absolutely no harm in checking it out though!

There you go – 5 tips that are going to save you a ton of data usage. Nothing beats having good WiFi, but when you’re out you still need to ensure that you’re not splurging on not only money, but data too. Time to save some money and keep it for a rainy day.

I know I would, and it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to apply it too.

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