Popular Blogger Xiaxue Allegedly Running For NMP: 6 Topics S’poreans Are Talking About Today (2 Apr)

It’s Monday. Again.

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I’m pretty sure you’re feeling the blues right now.

But here are a couple of things to spice up your day. Probably.

From popular blogger Xiaxue allegedly turning to politics to cute otters who were injured by fishermen, there’s plenty for you to talk about during lunch.

Popular Blogger Xiaxue Allegedly Running For NMP

If you were born in the 90s, you’ll remember this girl who can destroy anybody with her words.

Written or otherwise.

Image: gurugossiper.com

And there’s no topic she wouldn’t delve into, be it kpop.

Image: mothership.sg

And all the kpop fans be like

Or feminism

Image: dayre.me

Well, guess what? This time, she might be bringing her brand of xiaxue-ness (yes, it becomes a noun) to parliament.

Here’s the TL; DR:

On 1 Apr, she announced on her Facebook page that she’s going to run for a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) seat.

She believes that the internet is the voices of the people and she wants to bring these voices to parliament.

She is asking for her followers to nominate her as an NMP in the comment thread of her post. That or asking for them to use the hashtag, #xiaxueforNMP in their own posts.

And she assures you that even though it’s 1 Apr, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

But then again, this is Xiaxue. You’ll never know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(P.S. It’s 2 April 2018, and she hasn’t mentioned that it’s a joke. So does that mean…?)

Changi Airport Group Chairman Liew Explains Why There’s A Need For Travellers’ Levy

Image: channelnewsasia.com

Recently, Changi Airport and the government put together a traveller’s levy that charges people flying through or from Changi Airport.

And Singaporeans are definitely not happy about it.


Especially when you think of all the other announcements about increases made within the same period.

Like electricity bills.

And public transport.

Changi Airport Group Chairman, Liew Mun Leong, recently did an interview with Channel NewsAsia about the traveller’s levy.


And here’s what he has to say.

The amount required to build T5 is beyond imagination, and if the airport were to get a grant from the government to build it, it’ll strain the country’s reserves.

And he doesn’t want to finance T5 from the capital market. It’ll mean that the capital market owns some part of Changi Airport, and they won’t have full control over it.

In his mind, the public will stand to gain a lot from the new terminal so they should “learn how to pay for it”.

He also mentioned that as the budget is big, the government has the right to not reveal the entirety of the undertaking to the public.


When asked about airlines’ unhappiness with the new charges, he only has this to say: “If you want to use a good facility, you will accept that these are the charges.”

In other words, take it or leave it.

Weirdest Fight in S’pore History At Hougang Coffee Shop

We’re no stranger to fighting in Singapore.

Some verbally.

Or otherwise.

But this is one fight that takes the cake.


Watch the video for yourself first here.

A Chinese lady provoked a man into slapping her on the face, which he did to the cheers and claps of people around them.

She went on to fall to the ground in a dramatic fashion, sobbing and crying.

Here’s what the netizens have to say.

Image: Facebook

The SPF said that they’ve been notified of the incident and both parties were advised on their legal recourse.

Two Car Dealers Closed Down, Allegedly Owe More Than $300K to Customers

We’re no stranger to sudden closures of travel agencies.

Or unscrupulous renovation firms.

If you’re not aware, you can add car dealerships to the list.

Recently, two car dealership, Apex Car and Novelty Auto closed doors without notice, leaving customers to cry.

Apex Car allegedly owes customers about $206,000 while Novelty Auto owe about $98,000. These are customers who have paid deposits for their cars but hasn’t received them yet.

Image: straitstimes.com

And this isn’t the first time this happens.

The Customer Association of Singapore (CASE) said that the car industry had topped its complaint list for the past six years.

It has received complaints about 17 car companies that closed down without notice over the past three years.

Image: imgflip.com

CASE has issued public warnings against the two companies and the police confirmed that reports have been lodged.

They are currently looking into the matter.

So the next time you want to buy a car, here’s what you should do:

  • If the price is too good to be true, it usually is
  • Negotiate for as low a deposit as you can when you sign the contract

SOSD Claims OBS Were Rude, Curt & Nasty, Treated Them Like Dogs

Okay, before we get into the meaty details, here’s a bit of context for reference.

SOSD is a Singapore Volunteer-Run Dog Shelter and they want to ensure the welfare of stray dogs in Singapore.

Image: SOSD Facebook Page

Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) is a leading outdoor educational institution dedicated to strengthening youths and developing them into leaders and mentors.

Image: nyc.gov.sg

Focused on ensuring the development and welfare of others, you’ll never expect them to hate on each other.

But that’s what happened.

On 29 Mar, SOSD wrote on their Facebook page about their interaction with OBS.

Six dogs, which were part of SOSD’s project sound wandered into OBS premises. Attempts by SOSD to engage the help of OBS were allegedly rebuffed coldly.

When OBS reported cases of biting and chasing incidents within their premises by stray dogs, they refused to help identify the dogs to SOSD.

Instead, they wanted all the dogs to be gone immediately.

OBS called in pest control to remove the dogs and passed them to AVA.

They want government agencies to know that they are not extremists and are working towards a common goal: a stray-free Singapore.

They end the post with a heartfelt plea, asking if some basic courtesy, tolerance and cooperation is too much to ask for.

You can read their full post below:

So, are you #TeamSOSD or #TeamOBS?

Mummy Otter Found With Fish Hook Embedded Near Left Eye

Here’s a lesson to all fishing enthusiasts, always account for your fish hooks like you account for live rounds during your NSF days.

Or this might happen:

Image: Otterwatch Facebook Page

On 24 Mar, Otterwatch Facebook page wrote about this mommy otter which had an unfortunate run-in with a fish hook.

Thankfully, she was spotted off the hook (geddit?) last week.

Image: Otterwatch Facebook page

Here’s their post in full.

No matter whether you’re fishing at the canal or off a pier, remember to secure your hooks like live rounds because these cute buggers travel everywhere.

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