These 6 Bars in S’pore Got into the World’s 50 Best Bars List


Michelin stars are the Oscars of the restaurant industry, and Singapore has claimed the award(s) with our favourite establishments.

How will you think Singapore fare when it comes to its tipples?

It is definitely making a mark in the nightlife scene as 6 Singapore bars (twice as more from yesteryear) have made it to the World’s 50 Best Bars list.

This list is decided by a secretive society—okay, I am kidding. The list is decided by The World’s 50 Best Bars Academy which is made up of famous bartenders, drinks writers, and cocktail specialists.

Standing strong amongst other bars from cosmopolitan cities like New York City, Tokyo, and London, here are the 6 (soon to be crowded) Singapore bars that made the cut.

FYI: They are listed according to their ranks in descending order.

1) Native (47th position)

Image: Native Facebook page

Helmed by Vjay Mudaliar, who took home the title of Bartender of the Year and the Most Creative Cocktail Bar at The Bar Awards 2017, this fairly new bar at Telok Ayer offers a slew of interesting cocktails.

Their drinks are made from fresh ingredients, and when I mean fresh—it’s really fresh. Expect ingredients like real ants, spices, and sugarcane

Yeah, now you know what I meant by ‘fresh’. Fresher than Subway for sure.

2) Tippling Club (31st position)

Image: Tippling Club Facbook page

Nestled in Tanjong Pagar, this is not just a bar; it also houses a restaurant. They serve up modern “atas” cuisine and you can indulge in their Gourmand 10-course tasting menu.

When you dine like a king, one shouldn’t stiff on alcohol. A drink menu dedicated to the sense of smell, these drinks will evoke nostalgic memories purely by smell. Maybe a glass of childhood memories, please?

3) 28 Hong Kong Street (25th position)


Though it dropped 11 places from last year’s list, this bar needs no introduction. There is no signage or whatsoever—just a non-descript door to welcome you.

Imbued with a gentlemen’s club vibe, they serve up classic cocktails, like the Old Fashioned. You can also nibble on their bar bites, including the mac and cheese balls which are infused with truffle.

4) Operation Dagger (24th position)

Image: Operation Dagger Facebook page

Located at Club Street, this bar has a speakeasy vibe with its basement location and minimalistic furnishings. Its drink menu might seem like it was created by an alcoholic scientist—for example, Toffee Apple that is made with fermented apple, malted toffee, sorrel and vanilla, or Bee Pollen that is made from wild bee pollen, oak, thyme, dark chocolate and lemon charcoal.

Yeah, it really sounds like a hungover scientist concocting these drinks. Maybe that’s the ticket?

5) Atlas Singapore (15th position)

Image: Atlas Facebook page

This bar was really the “it” place to be—still is—ever since it opened earlier this year. Housed in Parkview Square, colloquially knows as the Gotham Building, it has proved its worth with its debut entry to the list at 15th position.


Their drinks might be superb but its décor is OTT. Heavily influenced by the Art Deco era (1920s), you will feel like you’re in the movie, The Great Gatsby.

6) Manhattan (7th position)

Image: Manhattan Facebook page

Last but definitely not the least, Manhattan has climbed up from 11th position to 7th. Pretty proud to say that a Singapore bar is the 7th best bar in the world.

Located inside of Regent Hotel, this bar takes inspiration from Old World Glamour. They offer a myriad of tipples and bites that exudes sophistication and class.

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Featured Image: Manhattan Facebook page