61YO Indonesian Has Married 88 Times By Using “Spiritual’ Knowledge to Make Women Love Him


Think your friend’s a playboy?

Well, if he hasn’t been married 88 times, your friend hasn’t even come close to earning the title of a playboy.

Kaan, a 61-year-old farmer from Majalengjam, West Java, is nicknamed the “Playboy King”.

Here’s why.

88 marriages or 88 problems?

Kaan told local media that his 88th marriage will be to his ex-wife from his 86th marriage.

The “Playboy King” shares that his soon-to-be bridge is still “crazy” about him despite only being married for a month.

Allegedly, the soon-to-be bride had asked Kaan to marry her, and the “Playboy King” could not turn her down.

And people still say that women don’t make the first move…

“Even though we have been apart for a long time, the love between us is still strong, and I refuse to play around with it,” Kaan reportedly said.

Well, that’s easy to say for someone who has been through 87 marriages before this one… It’s just another day of another girl pining for him.

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Kaan’s first marriage happened when he was 14, and his then-wife was 16, two years older than he was.

Their marriage lasted two years before she asked for a divorce, citing his “bad behaviour” as the reason for the split.

I mean, he was only 14 years old… What was the “bad behaviour” anyway? Did Kaan blow raspberries at her after their arguments?

Angry over the divorce, Kaan subsequently sought to acquire “spiritual” knowledge to make a lot of women fall in love with him.

You read that right – even the “Playboy King” had his lowest points and had to go through a character development arc too.

“However, I don’t want to do things that are not nice to the women I know and refuse to play with their feelings,” Kaan reportedly said. “Instead of committing immorality, it is better for me to get married.”


Well, doesn’t really work if you get married this many times.

Perhaps his title shouldn’t just be “Playboy King”. Perhaps it should be replaced with a title that’s a little more fitting, maybe something along the lines of “World’s No. 1 Heartbreaker”.

The current record for the most monogamous marriages by a male, as recognised by Guinness World Records, belongs to the late former Baptist Minister Glyn “Scotty” Wolfe, who apparently married 29 times.

Well, Scotty better watch out, because Kaan is out for blood with his “spiritual” knowledge and whatnot.

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