Wild Pokemons Have Appeared in Orchard MRT Station to Promote New Pokemon Game

Ahead of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s launch, wild Pokemons have sprouted everywhere in Orchard MRT Station!

Pokemons Welcoming You At Every Gantry, Pillar, and Wall

Yep, it’s a Pokemon takeover at Orchard MRT station. Just look at the Pokemon on every gantry, pillar, and wall:

Pokemons cover the station’s pillars and gantries, welcoming commuters to the station and saying bye as they leave. Aren’t they adorable?

In fact, the gantries have alternating new starter Pokemons like Fuecoco, Quaxly, Sprigatito, and the iconic Pikachu. Choose your favourite Pokemon while entering and exiting the station!

Additionally, the walls are adorned with huge posters of the new legendary Pokemons Koraidon and Miraidon, making fans even more excited for the upcoming game launch.

These Pokemons will be hanging out at Orchard MRT from 3 to 30 November. Be sure to check it out and take photos with your favourites before they disappear!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Launching on 18 November 

That’s right, the first instalments in the ninth generation of Pokemon video games are set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on 18 November.

What’s interesting about these games is that they’re set to have open worlds, which include both urban and wild areas without borders between them. This is unlike previous Pokemon games.

There will be three routes to choose from: Path of Legends, Victory Road and Starfall Street, which all cover different storylines.

You can view a sneak peek of the games here:

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Pokemons Everywhere in Singapore 

Lest you forgot, we also experienced Pokemons in our food and in our flights back in September.

McDonald’s had a Pokemon trading card collaboration, with Eevees accompanying our pulut hitam pies, and Pikachus with our Teh C frappes. There was also the cute Charizard wrappers for our McPeppers.

Scoot also made Pokemon-themed flights available in September 2022, with in-flight Pokemon designs and exclusive Pokemon merchandise.

Meanwhile, do look out for the special Pikachu Weekend at Marina Bay, and the Pokemon GO Safari Zone event at Gardens by the Bay, both from 18 to 20 November!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Pokemon Singapore)