Sylvia Chan Has Officially Resurfaced With New Job With Gushcloud International


After the now-infamous Night Owl Cinematics saga that was the source of everyone’s influencer gossip for the past year or so, NOC’s Sylvia Chan has finally resurfaced with her newest career endeavour.

Her newest job? The regional head of content and intellectual properties (IP) in Asia for Gushcloud International, an influencer marketing agency in Singapore.

The decision was recently announced by Gushcloud, with its co-founder and CEO Althea Lim expressing her excitement over having Chan join the company.

As for what this job entails (because it’s certainly not just acting in 10 Kind of Annoying People skits), Chan will be responsible for developing ” the full portfolio of media channels and content properties across Southeast Asia”.

She will also be liaising with the different Gushcloud offices across Southeast Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in order to work on launching new content for the company.

In response to her newest job, Chan, 34, also expressed her excitement and eagerness in joining Gushcloud.

Hints of Chan’s Comeback Were Dropped Before Announcement

Prior to this official announcement, there were signs and hints of Chan possibly making her influencer comeback with Gushcloud.

Back then, there was talk of Chan launching a Savour365, a company which provides “a buffet of stories that celebrate community, experiences, and wellness from our diverse team of multi-hyphenates”.

Savour365, which was tagged in several NOC posts in the past, was incorporated earlier this year on 23 September. It is also registered under a similar address as Gushcloud’s office in Singapore.

Chan also revealed on her Instagram stories that she was busy with planning the upcoming brand launch for Savour365 with Gushcloud.

Neither Chan nor Gushcloud responded to queries regarding this issue at that point in time.

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Saga With NOC and Ryan is Regarding IP and Her Current Job

And upon further, you might notice something ironic and vaguely familiar: Chan’s new job involves handling IP.

…Which is the same thing that she and her former spouse Ryan Tan are currently in court for, which makes it pretty interesting.

Based on records on the Singapore Courts website, Chan and Tan attended a pre-trial conference regarding a case related to “Copyright and Designs” on 25 October this year.

The plaintiff of the case was NOC while the defendant was Reno King, a video production endeavour that Tan embarked on after falling out with Chan regarding the company’s operations.

The third party in the case was listed to be Chan.


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