TikTok Sensation Fyan Got Into Saga About ‘Forex Scam’

For the TikTok natives among us, you might have heard of Fyan, a TikToker who has gained attention in recent months due to his inspiring journey with weight loss.

He posts videos of his weight loss journey, such as this:

@fyanofficial❤️🧡💛💚💙♬ nova by whitley – < 3

Additionally, he also documents the food that he eats and shows other snippets of his life as well, and has become quite the influencer over the past few months.

Fyan, who is currently serving his National Service (NS) with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), has also managed to win the hearts of his 92,800 followers through TikToks like these, which showcase his weight loss and fitness progress:

@fyanofficial❤️🧡💛💚💙♬ original sound – logan

Additionally, he revealed a while back that he first embarked on his weight loss journey for a girl that he liked, which is always a story that sits well with audiences and one that has allowed him to garner the support of many others on TikTok.

However, he’s recently been thrust into a different kind of spotlight.

“Blockchain Engineer” Accused Fyan of Being Involved in Forex Scam

Recently, a user on TikTok by the name of Gilbert Zhuo posted a series of videos claiming to “expose” Fyan for being a scammer in the foreign exchange (forex) market.

According to Zhuo’s TikTok account bio, he is a blockchain engineer based in Australia and Singapore.

He also has a considerably smaller following than Fyan, with his account only standing at 4,385 followers.

His first video included him explaining that Fyan was profiting off his followers who put their trust in him when venturing into the forex market, and that he has been running a scam “whenever he goes live”.

@gilbertzhuo #forex #scammer #alert ♬ original sound – Gilbert Zhuo

Zhuo claimed that these incidents took place after Fyan’s TikTok livestreams, which advertise him as a forex agent of sorts that helps his followers learn how to handle their forex investments.

He also added snippets which “proved” that Fyan was deleting any comments that could possibly expose him.

He also accused Fyan of “portraying himself as a very successful forex trader” in his old videos, and pointed out that he did so by featuring branded items and wearing Gucci shirts in his videos.

Since then, he has posted more videos regarding this issue and has dug out many sources of “proof” such as a Twitter post titled “10 REASONS [WHY] FYAN IS A FRAUD”.

“Just because I’m not a victim of the scam doesn’t mean I can’t expose the scam,” he added in one of his videos when replying to the response he has gotten about the issue thus far.

Apart from that, he also called out Fyan’s hypocrisy in a video, saying that Fyan went around exposing others for scams when he first started his TikTok account but is currently facing similar allegations.

@gilbertzhuo Replying to @Jamal ♬ Tourner Dans Le Vide – Indila

Netizens’ Reactions to Zhuo’s Videos

Thus far, the comments sections of Zhuo’s videos have also been filled with supportive comments, with some people claiming that Fyan’s followers are “naive” to believe that he is innocent.

Several commenters also thanked Zhuo for exposing Fyan, and criticised the latter for his actions.

Another commenter jokingly said that this saga could be turned into a Crimewatch episode.

Others had more serious words of advice to impart regarding forex trading.

“One rule is to never put money in something you don’t understand. Many free resources online, read up first,” one user advised.

Zhuo Accused Fyan of Being Behind the Comments Supporting Fyan

There were also TikTok users who stood on Fyan’s side and said that Zhuo was just jealous of Fyan being able to make a profit by using TikTok as a platform.

However, Zhuo has since accused Fyan of being the one behind those comments and said that Fyan set up fake accounts just to write positive comments about himself.

@gilbertzhuo Replying to @user2313488357423 ♬ Tourner Dans Le Vide – Indila

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Police Report Has Been Made

In response to Zhuo’s TikToks about him, Fyan has since announced on his account that he has made a police report.

In his most recent video, he attached a screenshot of the proof that he had lodged a police report with no further explanation.

@fyanofficial❤️🧡💛💚💙♬ only by leehi – angel

In the comments section, his followers also left encouraging comments of support, with one person saying, “let the law do the job”.

Another TikTok user pointed out, “Trading is all about risk… [I] am sure Fyan [has] highlighted out (sic) the risk and potential losses.”

There were also commenters who advised him to hire a lawyer instead.

In response, Zhuo posted this video:

@gilbertzhuo #stitch with @fyan ♬ original sound – Gilbert Zhuo

He said, “Eh bro, why you file for lost property, I think you file a wrong police report lah” in a slightly mocking tone.

With regards to that video, several TikTok users pointed out on Zhuo’s video that Fyan could have just cleared the air with an explanation of what was going on instead of filing a police report straightaway.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@fyanofficial + @gilbertzhuo)