7 Facts About Starhub’s Weekend Unlimited Data Plans That’ll Drive You Crazy


Free Unlimited Data during the Weekends?

Are you shitting me???

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I would like to gush even more but I know you’re desperate to know more about the Free Data, so let’s get started!

I have even composed it in a FAQ format just so that you can get your info and rush off to the nearest Starhub shop pronto.

1. How do you qualify for it?

Simply sign up for one of five new mobile postpaid plans and you’re just about ready for it! No need to be NSMan because NS50, SAFRA member or anything like that.

It’s open to everyone, guys!

2. When exactly is the Free Data Period every week?

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The free local data starts at 12 am on Saturdays and ends at 11.59pm on Sundays. That’s two whole days of streaming your Korean drama non-stop, even if you don’t feel like watching it.

3. What if it isn’t the weekend?

According to Starhub, customers would have between 3GB and 15GB of bundled data to play with on weekdays.

4. Price Plan

The new plans range from ‘S$48 for the 3GB plan with 200 minutes of talk time’ to ‘S$238 for the 15GB plan with unlimited talk time’.

The prices are slightly higher than the usual Starhub 4G plans – ‘S$42.90 with 3GB of data and 150 minutes of talk time’ to ‘S$220 for 12GB of data with unlimited talk time’ – but who cares? Free data, babe.

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5. How do you sign up for it?

You can look up the new plans at Starhub’s website and shops, as well as approved dealers and at COMEX 2017.

6. How fast will the speed be?

Customers on these up-and-coming plans will be able to browse the net at an increased speed of 400Mbps nationwide on the following phones: the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note8, LG G6, LG V20, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

Eh, wait, what about the iPhone??? C’mon, Starhub! Share the love with Apple too!

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7. Will there be even faster data speed?

Once the phones capable of running 1 GB per second come out, Starhub will set up gigabit-class network upgrades to expand bandwidth.

This network will cover areas with high traffic like transport hubs and shopping belts. The network will be pushed out stage by stage.

Bonus fact: will everyone be going for it?

Well, you know the answer already.



For those weekend warriors who make it a point to chiong everywhere during weekends, this IS the deal for you.

For those that laze in bed all day on the weekends… meh just ignore this article.

If you count down from now, it would be approximately around 13 hours 7 minutes to the registration of the all new plan.

You know; I’ve always mocked those people who queue up for hours outside shops and airports for a new product or an idol.

It looks like I will have to apologize.


Because I will be doing the same thing tonight.

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Unlimited Weekend Data here I come!

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