8 Cockroaches Allegedly Found in S’pore Chalet. Reviews Even Showed Flying Cockroaches


Planning for a chalet outing with your mates this long weekend?

If you are, you might want to avoid this particular one.

A Pasir Ris chalet resort has come under fire for reportedly sporting cockroaches in its facilities.

And it’s not just a couple either.

Image: Nad Nadya Facebook

Eight, to be exact.

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What happened?

CherryLoft Resorts, the aforementioned chalet, has come under scrutiny after numerous online reviews revealed a less than positive image about it.

One of them, Nad Nadya, took to Facebook to air her disbelief.

(Note: the post link has since been made unavailable)


Image: Mothership.sg

Key points to take note of, according to the post:

  • The condition of the chalet, as well as overall maintenance, was bad
  • It’s not clean, at all, with 20 cockroaches hiding and crawling in the toilet
  • Their staff knew about it, yet they assigned the rooms anyway
  • They changed rooms, but baby cockroaches were found… again.
  • They changed rooms again, and luckily this time there were no cockroaches. However the floor was black dirty; the bedsheets and blankets were so dirty they caused itchiness all over the body; toilet had fungus in it.
  • Staff claimed that items were missing inside the chalet. The patron’s family double checked and ascertained that everything was there
  • A ton of negative reviews on agoda.com, apparently
  • They have filed a report against CherryLoft

Other reviews backed it up

The worst thing? Nad Nadya wasn’t the only one.

Image: Google

Transcript: “The cockroaches infestations needs to be pondered especially when apologies for my experience is that I had to step on one sad cockroach as he/she decided to bath with me whilst I was bathing…”

“In swimming pool though also was a tard bit too salty to open my eyes without goggles… Thus I never really can swim laps eyes closed…


“Barbeque area was ok.

“Sleeping area was alright.

“Just giving my take on review……”

Image: TripAdvisor

Transcript: “Before we even stepped foot into the room, we already thought it would be a terrible place to stay. When we opened the door, we were really put off by the lack of necessary furniture downstairs and the bare and small ‘attic’ room upstairs. The two beds were so near and there wasn’t enough leg room between the beds and wall. Lucky my friend brought dettol spray to ‘ward off’ the smell of the room. 
The walls were dirty and we could barely stand the sight of the toilet door. Not only was the wood peeling, there were stains everywhere. Having said that, anyone who sleeps upstairs will have to risk falling from the stairs for a visit to the toilet at night. 
There was absolutely no housekeeping, the dustbin was not emptied, the bedsheets were not changed and worst of all, the toilet wasn’t cleaned too. And for some strange reasons, the plumbing in the toilet didnt work well, so the floor was always wet. The cups were also stained and i had to boil water to clean the cups and remove the stains, As the attic room made me feel claustraphobic, i slept downstairs on my safari bed. It was difficult to sleep even with medication as i could hear loud squeaking noises just outside our room. My guess was rats!! 
“My review can go on, but you get the picture of how terrible this place is, so if you have any choice at all, DO NOT STAY HERE!!”

Image: TripAdvisor

Transcript: “Actually I do not want to give even a star but the system does not allow me to do so. The rooms are very old, dirty and dusty. The toilet is always flooded, especially around the toilet seat area, making the experience of using the toilet very traumatic and gross. There were big cockroaches found in some rooms. At night, squeaking noises were heard outside the room which I strongly believe are ….”

Image: TripAdvisor

Transcript: “after 10pm room started to be infested by flying coakroaches. staff came to spray after 2 being caught by hubby… soon after 3rd one came n fly… but thanks they let us change room.



Image: TripAdvisor

Transcript: “This place is not worth its money, it is way overpriced. Cherryloft fittings, furniture and toilet are old, dirty and worn. It is absolutely outrageous that they charge such a price. It is unliveable and the staff are not well trained neither are they very knowledgeable.

“Avoid this at all cost.”

Although to be fair, not every single one of them condemned the Pasir Ris resort.

For one, there were quite a few 5 star rating reviews on tripadvisor.

And after a brief check on agoda.com, Cherryloft Resorts still has a passable 6.1 rating. Not really Michelin-star standard, but unexactly heinous as well.


So I guess it’s a give and take here.

Although we still advise you to stay away if you have a mortal fear of cockroaches.

Better safe than sorry, I would say.

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