8 Facts About Apple Chan, the Ah Boys To Men 4 Actress Who Has a ‘Gold in IPPT’

Who’s that pretty girl in Ah Boys To Men 4? That female officer?

That’s Apple Chan, and here’s a friendly reminder of how she looks like.

Image: xoxoapo Instagram

I can see that look of recognition dawn on your face. You’ve seen her somewhere before, but you’re not sure where.

Just who is this chio bu, you scream.


Not going to tell you lehhhh.

She’s starring in the Ah Boys to Men 4 movie

ah boys to men 4 apple chan
Image: The Straits Times

Apple, the actress and not the phone brand doing a product placement, is starring in the upcoming Ah Boys to Men 4 film, and she’s got a meaty role as a strict Lieutenant in charge of a bunch of rag tag reservist guys.

While her docile looks might suggest otherwise, don’t be deceived: she can act feisty and fierce if she wishes to.

Evidence? This trailer.

Ah Boys to Men 4《新兵正传IV》- Teaser Trailer

They're back! Ah Boys to Men 4, rolling back into cinemas this 9 November 2017.Just a sneak teaser trailer for you guys for now, we're preparing our full official trailer and can't wait to share it!

Posted by Ah Boys To Men on Thursday, 5 October 2017

And don’t play play; she’s got an IPPT Gold badge on her uniform.

That means she’s fitter than 70% of the guy population in Singapore.

She’s in a MV

If you haven’t watched it, Ah Boys to Men released a MV recently, and Apple’s looking all chic in it.

"Frontline Soldiers: "Ah Boys To Men 4" Official Theme Song (f…

Titled "Frontline Soldiers", this MV is one of "Ah Boys To Men 4" theme songs, and stay tuned to more songs coming up!"Ah Boys to Men 4" in cinemas 9 November 2017. #OnceArmourAlwaysArmour

Posted by Ah Boys To Men on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, you’ve got to watch it. It’s like the best thing since sandwiches.

But the key point of the video has got to be this one.

ah boys to men 4 female officer
Image: Ah Boys to Men Facebook Page


She’s older than she looks

How old do you think she is?

20? 18?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know this.

She’s actually 28 years old this year! What exactly do actresses eat arh?

She’s acted in Hong Kong dramas before

Apple has acted in a few Hong Kong dramas before, including Come Home Love and A Fist Within Four Walls.

apple chan in hong kong
Image: Fotop.net

She is currently signed on to Hong Kong’s TVB channel.

Apple Chan grew up in Singapore

She might be a Hong Kong-based artiste, but she actually grew up in Singapore! The Singapore PR moved here when she was four. Which is why you can hear her speaking Cantonese smoothly like a boss here:

In case they’ve camo-ed so well that you can’t see which one is her, she’s the one on the left. I’m being Captain Obvious? Wait till you read the next point…

Apple Chan has not gone through National Service

Oh, ar bo then?


But by partaking in an army film, you might have subconsciously expected her to have served National Service before. Maybe in the SAF Volunteer Corps?

Well, it seems that she hasn’t. However, she’s heard more than a few simple stories about NS.

“All my friends went through NS, so I always hear stories about their training,” she said. “I’ve also been to Pulau Tekong twice – when my brother and ex-boyfriend enlisted.”

“I’ve always supported NS, and I always tell people in Hong Kong that it’s a very good thing for Singapore to have NS, because guys will grow and become more mature. I’m very proud to be a part of this now.”

Did you hear that, guys? NS guys are mature!


So perform all your tekan sessions with vigour, because somewhere, Apple’s looking!

Let’s chiong!

She has an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) background

You might be surprised to know this, but Apple Chan has a Mixed Martial Arts background.

This supposedly contributed to her snagging the coveted role, as Jack Neo preferred a leading lady with some ‘muscle’.

“It was important that the actress was able to carry out the physical performance of an army officer, so the fact that Apple has an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) background is very useful,” Neo said.

So don’t mess with her.

ah boys to men 4 attention
Image: mm2 Entertainment

And it’s time for the all-important question:

Is she single?

Unfortunately, the lovely actress’ taken. She’s currently dating Hong Kong actor Owen Cheung.

Image: Imgflip

Well, at least we can satisfy our one-sided loves for her in the cinemas.

Ah Boys to Men 4 will be out on 9 November, so stay tuned!

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