ABTM4 Just Released Its Official MV & It’s So Freaking Good, You’ll Replay It 99 Times

Everything that Ah Boys to Men touches will definitely turn into gold.

When the first movie was released in 2012, it became a phenomenon, and created a franchise that no one would have expected: an army-themed series that not just became a cash cow for Jack Neo, but a cult following due to its relatability, humour and high production value.

One of its more popular contents is definitely its theme song: the first Ah Boys to Men song, according to some of my younger friends, has become a route march song.

I hope he’s not trolling me because it’ll be so damn cool to hear it in Tekong, rather than the overused “Training to be Soldiers”.

Ah Boys to Men 4, set to be released on 9 November 2017, released its teaser trailer on 6 October 2017 and guess what? It garnered well over 1 million views with more than 23K Shares.

Okay, I’ve got to admit that not everyone in the office is a fan of this teaser trailer: it looks more like a BMT company rather than an ICT company. I mean, “address me as Platoon Sergeant Ong!?” Jinjja? In an ICT unit?

But I digress.

The trailer had my colleague singing along with the song – it’s so perfect, we hoped they’ll play that during IPPT or RT so as to motivate us.

Then today (18 October 2017), they released the MV.

Boy, after this, I can safety confirm that all cinemas on 9 November 2017 are going to be packed.

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Here, take a look. Listen to it as well as because trust me, you won’t regret it.

Done by popular Singaporean musician Shigga Shay, it’s no wonder that it has me singing along even when I sing just slightly better than William Hung.

I’m no musician but I’m an NSman, so allow me to explain some terms that some of you might not understand.

“Chiong” refers to charging—not charging your handphone but charging towards the enemy. “Chiong” can also mean running towards something.

Berets refer to the…”caps” we wear in camp, and different units have different colours. Black is for the Armour formation.

If I’m not wrong, it means Amour Infantry, the soldiers who run alongside with the tanks.

“Signing on” means you’re making a career out of the army (or the police of SCDF).


Oh, here you go! So it’s realistic after all! That’s how reservist soldiers look like: eaten too much food ‘coz work is stressful, attending RTs just to play soccer and most importantly, having that hair and that camo. Perfect.

(and the rifle isn’t light, so they still fit)

If she’s anyone’s Platoon Commander (PC), and she’s there just because the reservist PC is overseas (therefore cannot attend the ICT), everyone is hoping that the real PC stay overseas forever. #justsaying

Oh, I’m not sure about you, but I’ve just marked 9 November 2017 as call-back date.

Kana called back to cinemas. Ah Gong says one.

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