8 other fascinating uses of your lip balms you certainly didn’t know of


Last Updated on 2017-08-07 , 6:39 pm

Everyone knows that lip balms are used for providing moisture to the lips.

However, it is so much more than just saving chapped lips! Here are some other fascinating uses for lip balm you probably don’t know of.

Tame flyaway hair
Lip balms work like magic in taming flyaways! Simply rub your fingers over the lip balm and onto the stray hairs.

Soothe an irritated nose
If you have sinus or a cold, all that rubbing and blowing of your nose causes the skin around it to be irritated. Rub a bit of lip balm on the irritated skin to get instant relief.

Remove sticker residue
Apply a layer of clear lip balm over the maddening residue and wait for 10 minutes. You’ll realise how easy it is to wipe away the reside now!

Moisturise your cuticles
When your cuticles become so dry to the extending of hurting, rub a bit of lip balm on those areas. This will help moisturise your cuticles.

Image: karunanaturopathic.com
Image: karunanaturopathic.com

Prevent blisters
If you can’t change out of your blister-causing pair of shoes immediately, dab some lip balm on your fingers and then rub onto your skin. This will help to reduce friction between the shoe and your skin.

Quick fix for a stuck zipper
Ever had to exert more force than needed for that zipper on your jacket or bag? Apply some lip balm to the stuck area to help the zipper parts fit into each other correctly. And viola! You have yourself a zip that glides along perfectly smoothly.

Image: onegoodthingbyjillee.com
Image: onegoodthingbyjillee.com

Keep your DIY hair dye off your skin
If you’ve dyed your hair by yourself before, you’ll know how difficult it is to clean the dye off the skin that came into contact with it. Prevent this problem by applying lip balm to your hairline. It’ll be a breeze cleaning up after the dye job.

Keep your shoelaces tied
Ever faced an annoying situation where no matter how tightly you tied your shoelaces, it just kept coming off? Use your fingers to rub some lip balm on the knots of the tied shoelace. This will increase friction and prevent the shoelaces from becoming loose.

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