8 Ingenious Way to Say No to Pushy Salespeople So You’ll Walk Away with Your Money


Last Updated on 2021-10-27 , 1:43 pm

I’m sure many of us have had this experience before. There you are walking along the streets and someone approaches you to get you to have a “five-minute” chat with him/her.

Especially couples who meet with infamous Taiwanese wedding shoot promoters.

Most of the time, you want to reject them yet don’t want to appear rude, so you say yes.

And before you know it, you’re pulled into something you can’t get out of. Then you complain to CASE because it’s unlawful selling practices.

How many of you have trouble rejecting these people? Here are 8 ingenious ways to say no to pushy salespeople so you’ll walk away with your money.

1. Oh, I’m still a student.

This only works for those who look younger than their age. Even if you’re wearing office wear, they’ll assume you’re working as an intern and won’t have much spending power because everyone knows an intern’s pay is s**t.


2. What if I have an allergy, can you pay my medical bills?

Sometimes, the best defence is a good offence. This is specifically aimed at those who smear skincare products on your skin.

Tell them that you might be allergic to the product, exhibit anger at their actions and they’ll want you out of their shop as soon as possible.

3. Oh, I have this already.

Depending on the products being promoted, promoters will lose their interest once they know you’ve already owned one. Best used for things like credit cards and insurance.

But, guys, don’t say you have a pad already lah, that’ll be weird.

4. Sorry, I’m in a rush.

They’re just doing their job and they won’t want to inconvenience you as well. Be apologetic and look like you’re in a rush. Chances are, they’ll just blame in on their luck and see you walk off with a smile.

5. Next time.

Best used in conjunction with Sorry, I’m in a rush. If they’re still unwilling to let you go, simply promise that you’ll come back next time and they’ll get the hint.

They’ll know that you really wanted to leave and if they still persist, you’re going to resort to drastic actions.

6. Not interested.

Say this with a smile and most promoters will be rendered speechless. Passive-aggressiveness at its finest.

7. Simply walk off without saying anything.

Rude but effective. You’ll leave them simmering but hey, they’ll forget all about you when the next person comes along anyway.

8. No, thanks.

Sometimes, the simplest method still works. Be firm and say no. You’ll be surprised at how often it’ll get you out of trouble. And these people will not be left feeling like a pest too.

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