8 Ways to Charge a Smartphone Faster, Like It’s a Nokia 3310

Last Updated on 2021-08-29 , 4:45 pm

The process of charging our phone has become routine in our lives: like sleeping, we Singaporeans need to charge our phone almost every day, and we can sacrifice sleep but not the charging of our phone. Depending on your phone, charging your phone to full takes about 30 minutes to 6 hours.

What if there’re tricks to make your phone charge faster? Well, there are. Some could be common sense to you, but trust me: common sense to one person might be something extremely useful to another!

Use the charger and cable that come with your phone
Usually, the charger that comes with your phone is one that is optimized to charge your phone the fastest. This is due to the maximum watts the charger can transfer depending on your phone. If possible, don’t use your computer USB to charge it: the default is just 2.5 watts of power for USB 2.0 and 4.5 watts for USB 3, usually lower than what your wall charger could provide.

Turn off your phone when you charge it
If that is not possible, put it into airplane mode. As the smartphone consumes less power, it will make charging much faster. If that still isn’t possible, turn on the battery saver. And if that’s still not possible, turn off 4G and turn on 2G.

Keep the phone farther from electrical appliances
If you can’t afford to turn on the airplane mode and turn off your WiFi or mobile data, making sure that the phone is far away from electrical appliances is the best solution. These appliances might interfere with your phone’s data connection, causing it to consume even more energy as it searches for better signal.

Remove your casing
The rationale is that with your casing, the phone will get hotter as it charges, therefore requiring more power. While this isn’t a trick that everyone approves of, all it takes is three seconds to save three minutes, so why not?

Turn off all unneeded features
This can be from WiFi to Bluetooth to GPS or even automatic updates. And this is pretty clear-cut, isn’t it?

Ensure there’re not running apps in the background
In fact, even when you’re not charging, you should always close all running apps whenever possible. One of the main reasons why Nokia 3310’s battery is better than iPhone 6 is all due to this: Nokia 3310 runs one program at one time. iPhone runs 3,310 programs in the background at one time.

Don’t download apps that promise to charge your phone faster
There used to be some, but many of them didn’t work: you see, the thing is, if an external developer could come out with this kind of app, they’d have been purchased by the phone manufacturers and hardcoded into the phone software.

Use a charger with higher output
Okay, remember the first point? Well, if you have a charger that has a higher output and it works with your phone, then go ahead and use it. Some people recommended using a tablet charger—just a disclaimer, you’ll better ensure it’s safe to do so before taking the risk!

To know more about this topic, watch this video to the end:

Featured Image: GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com