9 Facts About LlaoLlao’s Return & Its ‘Attack’ on Yole


Guys, big news.

Yogurt chain store llaollao has returned.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

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Yeah I know; the entire Goodyfeed team is stupefied too.

Granted, after the whole Gong Cha marathon, we weren’t averse to a possible return. But this, folks, is a bit too fast.

Anyway, yeah, llaollao has returned, but it’s not a peaceful, hi-fivey ‘Oh hi guys I’m back!‘ comeback.

Rather, it’s an unexpectedly guns-blazing ‘**** you Yole I’m back!’ return.


Well, you will know more as you read on. So let’s head on to the gist of it all!

They announced the big news on their Facebook page

Just yesterday, at around 11:00 p.m., llaollao Singapore’s Facebook page came up with a pretty surprising revelation:

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

Accompanying it was a pretty lengthy post, which I shall break it down for you bit by bit.

The post has been shared more than 3.5K times

Although the post was up for barely 10 hours, it has already garnered 4.2K likes and reactions, as well as a whopping 3.5K shares.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

There were also a crap ton of diversified comments, which I shall go into later.

It was a unilateral decision

So… what’s the exact content about?

For one, it turns out that the decision to revamp all 29 llaollao outlets isn’t exactly a democratic decision.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“The company with which we have been developing our brand in Singapore has unilaterally decided to close all the establishments in the country and reopen them under the Yolé Frozen Yogurt brand.”

Incidentally, the company in question refers to D+1 Holding.

They regret the discomfort caused for clients

Apart from a feeling of disappointment, the yogurt chain store also felt sorry for their clients.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“The closing of the 29 establishments in Singapore is very disappointing for us after so many years of work, but we face the situation with the peace of mind of having always fulfilled our commitments. We deeply regret the discomfort that this may generate for you, our client, who is the most important thing for us.”

Well, it’s nice to see a company that’s M.I.A. still putting in effort in the customer service department.

That’s more than can be said about some. *Cough* Singpost *Cough*

They have NOTHING to do with Yole

The yogurt chain store was quick to point out that they aren’t connected with Yole in any way.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“Additionally, we would like to emphasise that we have absolutely nothing to do with Yolé Frozen Yogurt.”

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“The product that is served in the establishments, since December 7, has nothing to do with us, llaollao, with our official network of suppliers or with our quality systems. Some of the new Yolé outlets might still have available stock of some llaollao product, but in any case, the Yolé establishments do not have and will not be able to have the frozen yogurt and the rest of llaollao products.”

That’s one way to draw the line, I guess.

Now, if only girls would do the same with guys who are still hoping that they have a teeny weeny bit of chance.

llaollao should be spelled S-A-V-A-G-E

In case you’re unaware, Yole established themselves as an European brand, which is kinda weird considering the fact that they exist only in Taiwan, and have no outlets whatsoever in so-called European countries.

In their defence, however, it has been reported that they source ingredients from Italy and Spain.


llaollao, it seems, was not prepared to let this point go.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“It is a totally new brand in the frozen yogurt market that does not exist in Europe, even though it has been advertised as such.”

Image: yelp / papersplease.wikia.com

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Yole had stolen llaollao’s outlets or something.

Oh wait they did.

They are far from being finished in Singapore

Which leads us back to the original point: they’ll be back.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“We want to let you know that we are far from finished in Singapore. On the contrary, we are working to keep llaollao in the country and to guarantee that the brand continues to be a leader in the frozen yogurt market, as we achieved thanks to you.”

“to guarantee that the brand continues to be a leader in the frozen yogurt market…”

Image: Imgflip

They will be back with new stores SOON

And of course, the projected return date.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

“We will be back with new stores soon, much sooner than you can expect, so stay tuned to our social networks. Thank you for your loyalty and trust.”

Sadly, there’s no confirmed date, but the “much sooner than you can expect” line sounds real promising.


On the Netizens’ side, it’s safe to say that they are largely divided in terms of opinions.

There are those who saw the distinct similarities between this saga and the Gongcha-Liho saga.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

And then we have those who accused llaollao of adopting Gong Cha’s marketing strategy for it’s own.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page
Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

Last but not least, we have the fans who are genuinely happy at the news.

Image: llaollao Singapore Facebook Page

So what’s next?

In the next episode of llaollao vs Yole, you can probably expect…

  • More savagery
  • More burns
  • More Froyo
  • More ticked off Netizens
  • More guilty pleasure entertainment
  • More snickering
  • I just made that last one up, unless you have a Snickers bar

So stay tuned for more, guys.

Because if there’s one thing I’m confident about, it’s that this party is only just getting started.

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