9 Vending Machines in S’pore That Are On Par With Japan’s Vending Machines


Everyone knows that Japan boasts a humongous fleet of vending machines.

I mean, you can buy underwear from vending machines there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Image: Kuriositas

There’s no denying that the country is responsible for bringing these convenient pit-stops across the globs to lazy asses like you and me.

Image: Cosmopolitan Australia

But did you know that the vending machine was not an invention of the Japanese? In fact, it was developed almost six thousand miles away in England.

Earlier this month, we were once again dubbed the most expensive city to live in (yay). Unfortunately, this title is reflected in basic facilities like vending machines as well.

I mean, a can of coke priced at $1.40?

You can get one for fifty cents at a ValueDollar shop for sure, albeit low SES to some.

Image: insideretail.asia / singaporeactually.com

But today we are not going to complain about rising living costs, but to celebrate the great invention of vending machines.

You see, there have been many creative products and services that are now brought to customers via these platforms.

If you aren’t picky about prices, here are some of the innovative ones you should check out ASAP:

Sizzling hot pizza

If you’re the type that hates thinking about what to get for lunch every day, why not try a legit European dish that’s much more legit than that Western stall in the food court?

SHIOK!Pizza vending machines are just the thing for you if you would fancy some Italian to spice up your mundane lunch breaks.

Their wide array of traditional European recipe pizzas can make you forget about ‘Hawaiian’ and ‘Pepperoni’.

The coolest part about these machines is that they can pop up to two 12-inch pizzas in just four minutes!

If you’re in a rush and wanna avoid the long queues, this is the choice.

Image: Business Insider Singapore

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little DIY-ish, you can also opt for their frozen pizzas, which will be delivered within 20 seconds.


Where to find them

Click here to find out where you can get them!

Chilli Crab

Still on the food topic, here’s something equally mouth-watering: chilli crabs!

Everyone (and I really mean everyone) knows that chilli crab is an apt representation of Singapore’s diverse delicacies.

Instead of beating the dinner crowd at zi char stores, you can now get your tasty crabs right from a vending machine!

Image: The Straits Times

The House of Seafood’s Chilli Crab vending machine serves both frozen and cooked crabs.


Simply choose from the standard chilli, black pepper, or salted egg yolk flavours.

Where to find them

House of Seafood’s The Punggol Settlement outlet

Laundry services

Let’s face it: we simply do not have enough time to do extra cleaning.

That once-white-now-grey pair of shoes and that ball gown that you last wore seven months ago…something has to be done.

And we have just the solution for you.

WashBox24 is the ultimate cleaning vending machine.

Image: CNN

Their services include washing, dry cleaning, ironing and bag and even shoe cleaning.

Simply drop your item off in one of the machines. You can choose to pay online or via the app.

Four days later, your item will be as good as new!

Just enter a pin number and pick it up within two days.

Where to find them

Click here to find out where you can get your laundry done!


Car fresheners 

If you’re a fan of good scents and aroma-filled atmosphere, Yankee Candle won’t be an unfamiliar name.

Now, you can bring the good scent from home onto your car!

This vending machine sells various types of car fresheners and it may be a good idea to make a pit-stop here before you pick up that hot date/ important client.

Image: Twitter

Where to find them

Great World City

Healthcare products

More often than not, we only start to care for our health after we find a problem in us.

Let’s face it: who has time to buy health supplements?

Well, 21st Century saw the opportunity and took it.

They have five vending machines scattered around the island and each has six rows of 12 different supplements, ranging from omega 3 to children’s supplements.

Image: CNN

If you already know what you need and would very much like to avoid overly-helpful staff, then these vending machines are just what you need.

Where to find them

Unfortunately, the website did not state where the five machines are located. But we know that there is one in the Clarke Quay area!


If you have a thing for the smell of books or would like to support local writers, you can get a copy of these amazing works of art in a vending machine!

Image: Campus Magazine

Owned by BooksActually, some of these machines have coverless books priced at $19 each. This is perfect for those that simply can’t make a choice.

Where to find them

National Museum of Singapore

BooksActually bookshop in Tiong Bahru

Singapore Visitor Centre


Vending machines were meant to provide easier access to common like food and drinks, which are relatively affordable products.

But what if we twist the whole idea and let people buy very expensive things instead?

Believe it or not, there are vending machines that actually dispense real gold produced by world’s top Swiss fine gold producer, PAMP.

Be it gold bars, customised gold coins or memorabilia, if you have the money, you can get what you want with just a few taps.

Image: The Straits Times

Before making your hefty purchase, you can examine your item 360-degree using the touch-screen.

The two machines are conveniently located at the casinos found in RWS and MBS.

Image: RWS Blog

Where to find them

Resorts World Sentosa

Marina Bay Sands

Use up your leftover currency

If you’ve been travelling last year, you might have noticed these vending machines in our airport.

These vending machines are catered for those that want to make full use of their leftover SGD.

So I guess it’s not really useful for you and me unless you’re considering on leaving for good.

The items provided are mostly travel-related, ranging from snacks to SIM card.

Image: cavinteo.blogspot.sg

And if you have got a lot of cash to spare, you can send them to Goody Feed  always try this ‘Surprise Me’ option.

Image: cavinteo.blogspot.sg

Where to find them

Arrival & Departure Halls in Changi Airport

Army supplies

ST Logistics had come up with a genius idea for our fellow NSFs.

These vending machines by LifestyleMart provide army supplies for those that may have a late realisation.

Be it ziplock bags, batteries, powder, socks, insect repellent or even singlets…what you need it what you get.

Image: homeanddecor

Where to find it

White Sands Shopping Mall

So…not bad eh?

Suddenly Singapore doesn’t sound that boring after all!

Hurry and try them out yourself cos #doitforthegram 🙂

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