A Psychologist Says That Farting Openly With a Partner is a Sign of a Strong Relationship

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So your dinner date had gone pretty well. You’re now in his car, as he drives you home.

He tells a really funny joke, and you just had to laugh because its so damn hilarious.

All of a sudden, you heard another sound. Uh-oh. It definitely came from you.

Yes, you’ve just farted in front of him.

And no, silly. He is not gonna break up with you just because you’ve farted in front of him.

In fact, did you know that farting in front of your partner has a positive impact in your relationship?

Farting Is Actually Good for Your Relationship

Here’s the good news – farting is actually good for your relationship. How is it beneficial to your relationship?

Firstly, it shows how comfortable you are with your partner. According to a family psychologist, Leah DeCesare, she believes that people show their true colours after being in a relationship for a longer period of time.

When people fart in front of each other, it means that they usually feel secure enough in the relationship. After all, it is a natural process of our bodily function, as natural as eating and laughing.

A sure sign of comfort, farting is akin to a declaration of “I love you”.

Furthermore, only people who are in an exclusive, comfortable relationship are willing to do things around their partner that they wouldn’t do in public. Which includes farting, of course. This kind of openness between you and your partner ultimately creates a stronger and more secure bond.

Also, if your partner can laugh together over farts, it shows how you guys have the same sense of humour.

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This creates a perfect inside joke that only the both of you can understand. When a relationship has its own secret form of communication, it really becomes stronger.

There you have it!

Who would have thought that farting in front of your partner would bring so many benefits?

Time to blow your partner away with your farts.


Just, erm, make sure that as you’re farting, don’t forget to see if there’s anyone else around.

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