A Samsung Washing Machine Also Caught Fire in a S’pore HDB


It’s been proven again and again: it’s not a good year for Samsung, and I’m betting that Samsung staff aren’t expecting any bonus this year.

After a historic worldwide recall of their flagship phone Galaxy Note 7, which lasted in the market for just merely a month, they had to recall their washing machines in the US due to certain safety issues.

And just when you thought the washing machine recall won’t affect Singapore (as mentioned by a Samsung spokesperson), this happened.

Image: Shin Min  via straitstimes.com
Image: Shin Min via straitstimes.com

According to The Straits Times, Shin Min Daily News reported a case of a washing machine catching fire in a Bukit Panjang flat. A 42-year-old lady had used the machine and let it run, but less than 10 minutes later, the machine was burning so badly that she and her daughter fled the house immediately.

The SCDF was called in, but the damage was beyond just the washing machine: the toilet that housed the washing machine was burned as well.

Image: Shin Min  via straitstimes.com
Image: Shin Min via straitstimes.com

Over in the US, 2.8 million top-load washing machines were to be recalled, with at least nine reported injuries. However, the machines did not burn—instead, the top of the machine detach itself, which could potentially hit someone.

In The Straits Times report, Samsung Electronics Singapore is now working to communicate with the user to look into the matter and therefore could not comment much.

Granted that it could have been a loose wire, a fire hazard nearby or simply a spark that caused the fire, but nevertheless, with 2016 having two major recalls for Samsung, you can’t blame anyone for having bias speculations.

Featured Image: Shin Min via straitstimes.com

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