Samsung Woes Continue: 2.8 million Washing Machines Recalled After 9 Injuries


2016 has been a really bad, bad year for Samsung.

After the Galaxy Note 7 recall, there has been reports of their washing machines “exploding” as well, but there hasn’t been a recall of these washing machines until yesterday.

On 4 November 2016, Samsung announced that they will be recalling 2.8 million top-load washing machines in the US, involving 34 models made between March 2011 to November 2016, which cost between USD$450 to USD$1,500.

Reports of the washing machines exploding and causing injury have surfaced since September this year, leading to a lawsuit for causing potential damage or damage. Users found that there were abnormal vibrations, and Samsung then advised users to use the machine on delicate cycle.

Guess this isn’t delicate anymore.

According to this report, Samsung has apparently received 733 reports of excessive vibration or cases of the top detaching from the chassis. In addition to that, there were 9 reports of injuries, including even a broken jaw.

The washing machines affected are only those sold in the US, so Singaporeans with Samsung washing machines need not worry.

A general manager of home appliances for Samsung Electronics has this to say: “Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall.”

However, the difference between this recall and the Galaxy Note 7 recall is that refunds are only available for people who have purchased the machines in the last 30 days—others would have to choose between a repair or a rebate to buy another Samsung washing machine.

Guess we might be seeing more Samsung staff kowtowing, no?

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