According to a Study, People in Tampines Are the Kiasu-est in S’pore


To be honest, I thought every single soul that belongs to Singapore is kiasu?

Maybe I thought wrong because there’s even a study now on the degree of kiasu-ness.

I’m sure 10 years down the road, the word “kiasu” would be added to the Oxford dictionary. #JustSaying


Anyway, there was this test that was created by Giant Singapore, in their search for the most kiasu town in Singapore. The test results will then categorize you into the 4 personality types all in the name of kiasu-ness:

Atas Maximus, Bo Pian HeckCare, Klassic Kiasu and Lobang Queen.

The name like a nice only. So Singlish, so Singapore.

But I’m sorry to inform you that the quiz is no longer available because they have already crowned the winner, Tampines, being Singapore’s most kiasu town.

Here are the characteristics:

  • Tampines residents are super duper good at finding lobangs
  • Almost 50% of Tampines residents do this: Punching the traffic light button repeatedly so the green man would come on quicker.
  • They are 2x more likely (compared to other town’s residents) to chiong and wipe out food buffets.
  • 50% of Tampines residents would chope seats using tissue packets, umbrellas or a bags at a coffee shop.
  • 1 out of 3 Tampines residents would accept free concert tickets so that they can re-sell them on Carousell for extra cash.

Are you a Tampinite? Do you resonate with any of the above characteristics?

I’m a Westie but I think I fit half of the above kiasu characteristics. Must be a Singaporean thing. Ha!

Oh… I know why now.

Cause following closely behind the competition is my neighbour, Jurong West!

I stayed in Jurong West for a brief period of time during my teenage years so I must have gotten the kiasu virus from that short exposure.

Here are the characteristics for Jurong Westers:

  • They would do anything to win, even to the extent of bringing their TOTO tickets to a temple to pray.
  • Monkey see monkey do. Kiasu until they would join a queue without knowing what they are queuing for.
  • More than 50% of Jurong Westers’ parents will add “top” school teachers and principals on Facebook and jio them out for coffee, in an attempt to get their kids into that “good” school.

Wa. After reading these characteristics, I feel a little out of place. I think I need to up my game in being kiasu. If not I’ll lose this uniquely Singaporean trait.

But more importantly, Tampinites can jump for joy because the entire town will be rewarded with many many free things at their neighbourhood Giant store.

Mark the date because it’s happening this Saturday, 28 October at Tampines Hypermarket Outlet!

According to Giant Singapore, these free goodies are up for grabs (with no purchase required):

  • Milo
  • Paddle Pop
  • Monster Energy Drink
  • Heaven and Earth Drink
  • Pocket Tissues

I’m just wondering… if you’re not a Tampinite, you can also crash the party right? Don’t tell me they will check your IC for your address as proof?

If not, you know where I’ll be at this Saturday.


Anyone else going?

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