Bukit Batok is Now the New Yishun: Python Found on a Lamp Post There

Yishun is like Gotham City. It’s the dark side of Singapore if you haven’t already known.

Image: thinglink.me

It’s famous for the “bad things” that occur there:

Cat abuse, murder, car chases, brothel raids, civilians trying to attack policemen with stun guns, loan sharks, falling concrete slabs, sinkholes, feuding taxi drivers, shopping mall stabbings and more. 

You name it, they have it.

And guess what? Right behind Yishun is another town in Singapore that’s playing catch up:

Bukit Batok.

This is no good news to me and my colleagues because our office is in Bukit Batok. We are fearing for the end of our lives every single day we clock in for work.

Image: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net

And after 5.30pm, we pray hard before stepping out of the sacred office door for fear that our lives would be in danger and we wouldn’t be able to create fun, creative, interesting and sticky content for you ladies and gentlemen anymore.

You know we take pride in our work right?

We live to keep Goody Feed up and running. It’s our life goal.

Maybe I’m just being too paranoid. We wouldn’t die but one day get bitten by a snake which was reportedly sighted around a lamp post in Bukit Batok on Monday, 23 October.

My hair just stood on ends watching this video:


Posted by The Independent Singapore on Monday, 23 October 2017

And for your information, it’s a reticulated python, coiled around the top of the lamp post.

Though they are normally considered nonvenomous and not known to be dangerous, there are cases where people are being killed by it.

So all of us at Goody Feed are holding on dearly to this number: 9783 7782

Not my number… but Acres’ hotline so you know who to call if you spot snakes around the neighbourhood.

If you stay in the Bukit Batok district, you might want to consider googling a few emergency hotlines.

Better to be safe than sorry. #JustSaying

There isn’t any news about how the python found its way to Bukit Batok.

But I guess it probably got sick of Yishun and wanted to make the headlines in another part of Singapore.

But why choose Bukit Batok?

Image: memecdn.com

We just want to live peaceful lives creating content… We don’t want to play with snakes.

For whatever reasons Bukit Batok has stepped on the tail of the God of Curse, hasn’t it been paid for already?

Not one, but two water pipes burst in a week.

Image: channelnewsasia.com

An e-bike caught fire sending a family of 4 to the hospital this month.

A robbery with a 25-cm long knife, the death of a poor cat with its head smashed and a silver Nissan which was entirely wrecked in an explosion.

It all happened this year. There’s more but my weak heart can’t take any more accidents.

Bukit Batok needs help. #HelpUs

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