Ah Girls Go Army 2 Theme Song Is Out But It’s Not Going Viral Like the Franchise’s Other Songs


Jack Neo’s Ah Boys to Men franchise has long been known for its portrayal of the National Service life that all Singaporean males are no stranger to.

But more well-known are its catchy songs that depict the woes of army recruits in its lyrics.

Earlier this year, the franchise took on a new look with female recruits and hit the cinemas as Ah Girls Go Army, promising a second movie within the second half of the year.

And now, the new theme song is out.

But something isn’t too right this time.

Ah Girls Also Can

Ah Girls Go Army Again is the sixth movie of the Ah Boys to Men franchise and the second movie that is centred around female recruits.

The movie is set to be released on 16 June as shown in its trailer.


And just like all its predecessors, this movie has not forgotten to add a trademark theme song.  

This time, the song is titled Ah Girls Also Can.

However, unlike all the theme songs that have come before it, the song doesn’t seem to be drawing as much hype.

The theme song premiered on YouTube on 11 June and was posted on the movie’s Facebook page on the same day.

Since then, the YouTube video has gained just over 4,500 views while the Facebook post has been viewed 31,000 times.

And out of those numbers, only a total of 107 viewers have liked the video across both platforms.

Worse Performance Compared to ABTM Songs

Perhaps it is a sign of the local community’s distaste after the first Ah Girls Go Army movie came out earlier this year with a titular theme song.

The song which came out on 23 January has only been viewed over 156,000 times since then.

These numbers pale in comparison to the first four theme songs of the Ah Boys to Men movies.

While those songs might have been released years ago, they are still well-known to this date.

Since their staggered releases, they have amassed millions of views, with the most-watched music video garnering over 4.1 million views.

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Criticism of Ah Girls Go Army

After the first Ah Girls Go Army movie was released, viewers criticised its over-excessive product placement and slow-moving plot.

Furthermore, the show which was expected to portray the life of female army recruits instead painted them as “blur” and “vain”, exacerbating existing female stereotypes.

It did not help that the music video featured the cast dancing like idols to an almost kindergarten-like tune, singing along to lyrics that were not much better.


This time, the second theme song has kept the same lines of dancing but instead turned the song into a hit at haters of the first movie.

In various scenes of the music video, the cast could be seen burning, ripping and smashing bottles at papers containing negative comments about the first movie.

It remains to be seen how viewers will take to the new theme song, but the outcome is already appearing grim.

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