Titus Low Teases Engagement to a Mystery Woman; Saying It’s an ‘Unplanned Engagement’


Titus Low, a former OnlyFans Singaporean creator took to Twitter to announce his sudden engagement on Monday (6 June).

According to Low, the engagement was an “unplanned” one that occurred in 24 hours.

Features Mysterious Lady with Red Hair

In his tweet, the 22-year-old shared images which included a polaroid photo of him with another lady.

Image: Twitter (@tituslow22)

Judging from the lady’s hair, many netizens have speculated that the lucky girl might be Cheryl Chin, a Malaysian influencer who is a talent under Titan Digital Media.

Image: Instagram (@cherb8ar)

The pair also made another appearance together on Chin’s Instagram page where they made a reel about drinking milk together.

Chin is also a creator and singer that is involved with Web 3.0.

Aside from the Instagram reel, Chin is also seen with Low in a photo uploaded to Low’s Twitter:

Image: Twitter (@tituslow22)

Netizens Congratulate Low

Since the tweet, many have sent their congratulations to Low on his alleged engagement.

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But some eagle-eyed netizens spotted that Low wasn’t wearing a ring, speculating that it might be a promotional stunt after all.

Still, netizens were shocked to find that the handsome creator might be off the market.

According to AsiaOne, Low said that he will talk about the engagement in a video soon.


(So perhaps not all hope is lost for his avid fans ..?)

Pivoted to Web3 and NFTs after OnlyFans Career

In a Twitter thread posted on 14 April, Low clarified that he started his own NFT collection after having a court case against him for being an OnlyFans creator.

For those unaware, OnlyFans is a content creation site where creators can upload adult content.

The social media heartthrob at one point was Singapore’s top 0.1% OnlyFans creator.

The career allowed Low to lead an independent lifestyle albeit a luxurious one:

However, Low was charged in court for offences linked to obscene materials.

Low previously said that he was prepared to move overseas to restart his OnlyFans career and considered places like London and the United States.

But the online creator remained active since about creating his own NFT collection instead via his other Twitter account, @TiloNFT.

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