Jack Neo Just Dropped the Trailer for Ah Girls Go Army That Will be Out on 1 Feb

Ah Boys To Men? It is time for the girls to shine instead!

That’s right, Ah Girls Go Army will be hitting theatres on 1 February. And if you want a sneak peek, Jack Neo has just dropped the main trailer for the movie.

Here’s what you need to know about the trailer and more.

Welcome To GBMT?

Ah Girls Go Army will see female recruits undergo Basic Military Training under fierce instructors, much like Ah Boys To Men. The trailer opens with a welcome to GBMT, which stands for Girls Basic Military Training.

Releasing on 1 February, Ah Girls Go Army will explore a “possible near-future” where the local population has decreased so significantly that women will have to join the Army.

The movie predicts what might be Singapore’s first batch of female recruits: “a bunch of Gen Z teens with different backgrounds and education.”

After trials and tribulations, these girls will gradually warm up to the concept of National Service over the course of the movie.

The newly-released trailer provides us with a sneak peek of the movie, guaranteed to provide lots of laughter. From fancy manicures to decorating the bunks with fairy lights, who knows what the gossip queens and complain-experts will cook up?

You can watch the trailer here:

Apple Chan To Reprise Role, With New Faces Like Samantha Tan

Apple Chan will reprise her role as the iconic LTA Zhang from Ah Boys To Men 4, while other cast members from the Ah Boys to Men series are expected to have cameos.

The other cast members include local actress Xixi Lim and Kelly Kimberly Cheong. Ex-model Shirli Ling, actress-host Farah Farook and Miss Vasantham finalist Eswari Gunasagar were also cast.

Of course, the victim of the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga, influencer Samantha Tan, was also cast for this movie.

Other than the female recruits, Mediacorp actor Glenn Yong was also revealed to be cast as a platoon sergeant.

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Girls Can Do It Too!

Jack Neo, the director of many popular local films including Ah Boys To Men, has also directed this movie. He said that this film is him trying to answer the age-old question…

Can our Singaporean women step up to the challenge of defending our nation, the same as we ask of our men?

Given how the female recruits are going to adapt and warm up to the idea of National Service, the film’s answer to this question is probably yes.

Catch Ah Girls Go Army in the theatres this Chinese New Year, and maybe your answer to that question will become a yes as well!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Jack Neo)