Nee Soon MP K Shanmugam Responds to Footage of Elderly Man Trying to Crawl into a Taxi

Entering a car is something that most of us take for granted. After all, it is not a difficult task for most people.

A video of an elderly man crawling into a taxi reminds us that a task like this is not that simple for everyone.

Sat On Roadside and Crawled To Get Into Taxi

On 13 January afternoon, an elderly man was filmed sitting on the roadside at Chong Pang. He also had a small wooden board with wheels beside him.

When a taxi finally stopped for him, he crawled onto the road to try to get in.

Those who have felt on roads when they were kids will know exactly how rough the roads are. The elderly man’s hands must have hurt a lot.

Fortunately, there were kind Samaritans around to offer their help. One passer-by lifted the man into the front passenger seat, while another helped him to put his belongings in the backseat. The taxi driver got out to offer his help as well.

Many netizens, after watching the video, commented that the elderly man should be referred to social services for a wheelchair.

Elderly Man Has Wheelchair But Does Not Use It

Nee Soon MP K Shanmugam posted on Facebook, saying that he is aware of the video and the elderly man in question. He identified the elderly man as Mr Lee.

The grassroots, Chong Pang Community Club and Touch Cluster Support have been helping and giving community support to Mr Lee since 2015, including giving support for essentials.

With the help of the senior mobility fund, Mr Lee had received a wheelchair. However, he prefers to use the wooden board with wheels instead. It was made by a neighbour for him to move around the house, and he’d rather use that board outside as well.

MP Shanmugam said that they will continue to provide help to Mr Lee and his family.

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Respect Seniors’ Decisions As Long As It Doesn’t Cause Hurt

Many netizens commented under MP Shanmugam’s post, expressing appreciation for the community services who have always been helping Mr Lee.

A few comments also pointed out that we should not judge a book by its cover, referring to how netizens initially thought that community services were not helping Mr Lee.

Netizens also shared their own experiences with the elderly who refused to use proper mobility aids, and said that seniors can’t be easily persuaded to change their minds. Most people seemed to think that as long as the elderly are happy and do not hurt themselves, we should respect their decisions.

Seeing the public speak up for the elderly has warmed the cockles of my heart. Let’s all continue to look out for one another and build a caring community!

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Featured Image: Facebook (Beh Chai Lor – Singapore Road)