Alien Huang’s GF Said He Didn’t Want to Marry Because of a Hereditary Illness Unrelated to his Death


In an earlier article, I wrote about Alien Huang’s unfortunate demise, and how his (then) underground girlfriend, 30-year-old Taiwanese dancer/model Wu Hanqun, had sacrificed her identity to pen a heartfelt eulogy to her deceased boyfriend.

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抱歉 我可能沒力氣回覆大家的私訊 很謝謝大家的關心 每一天 我都在想我怎麼可能那麼幸福 每一天 我都在想怎麼會遇的到這麼合的來的人 每一天 我都在感謝老天讓我遇見了你 雖然我們總是待在家 卻都很開心不無聊也不吵架 結果 還是被拍了 我知道你覺得低調對我們都好 所以我們是 好朋友 但我好像沒辦法了太痛了 無法再在乎媒體跟酸民要怎麼寫怎麼酸了 不想再假裝了 對不起 破壞了我們的約定 謝謝你一直這麼保護我寵我 我提出的任何要求 即便莫名奇妙你也都會做到 到哪裡 做什麼 有誰 也都會拍照拍影片給我 工作之外 不論任何時候即便洗澡睡覺也都秒接秒回 就為了讓我安心 這將近一年半的時間以來都沒有變過 但昨晚 我卻怎麼樣都聯絡不到你 一直以來都是你來找我 除了透過手機 我不知道怎麼找到你 這才發現 我⋯真的無能為力 兩週前 你突然跟我說 我們不要結婚好嗎? 我說 為什麼? 你說 這樣如果未來我怎麼了妳就可以不用負責任 妳可以是一張白紙的嫁給別人 可是 黃鴻升 我只想要你⋯ 人生 真的太難太難了⋯⋯⋯

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The message has since been liked over 892K times on social media platform Instagram.

In the eulogy, Wu revealed that she broke their agreement, and in the process gone public with their relationship, as “it is too painful”.

She also stated that they have been dating for the past year and a half.

In the midst of the message, she said that Huang once told her that they should not get married.

“Why?” she asked.

“This way, you would not have to take any responsibility if anything happens to me in the future,” he replied.

“You can marry someone else with a clean slate.”

And though the meaning was ambiguous at best at the time…

It seems that what Huang truly meant has now been unveiled.


Alien Huang’s GF Said He Didn’t Want to Marry Because of a Hereditary Illness Unrelated to his Death

According to Taiwanese Media, Huang’s sister has come out with a shocking revelation:

The deceased actor-host was actually diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) eight years ago.

For those unaware, PKD is a hereditary illness in which clusters of cysts form within the kidneys, causing them to increase in size and lose function over time.

The disease is reportedly incurable, and can only be slowed down by medication.

Apparently, Huang was so concerned that he will have to undergo dialysis in his later years due to his condition…

That he ultimately chose not to tie the knot with his girlfriend, in a bid to spare her any potential pain and suffering.

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Who’s cutting the damn onions?


The multi-talented television personality had reportedly slipped near the bathroom, and was later found by his own father in an unconscious state, with external injuries on his head.

It was later revealed that he had died to an aortic dissection, a condition where the aorta (blood vessel) branching off from the heart tears.

According to reports, Huang’s medical checkup last year revealed no serious, life-threatening health conditions and even in death, his expression was calm and peaceful, as though he was simply taking a nap.


The autopsy doctor told reporters that because the condition struck hard and fast, even if there was someone beside him when it happened, it would be “very hard” to save his life.

Apparently, when Huang’s body was found, he had already passed away for some time because his body had shown signs of rigour mortis.

According to 8 Days, Wu, a cheerleader of Taiwanese baseball team CTBC Brothers, had been filming lifestyle show Queen when news of her boyfriend’s death broke.

When she learnt of the news, she was reportedly so affected that she broke down on the spot.

The shoot had to be put on hold.

According to the report, she left the TV station soon after.


Since the sudden passing of the Taiwanese singer-actor, family, friends and fans alike have been stuck in absolute grief.

Tributes have also poured in from various countries’ entertainment industries, with “Already Famous” director Michelle Chong leading the online tributes to Huang.

After his passing, Chong shared a photo collage of the pair with the accompanying caption:

“Unbelievable. You will always be the first leading man in my life. RIP.”

Rest in peace, Huang, and thank you for all you have brought to our entertainment industries.


You’ll be missed.

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